Brown vs White Eggs

Iris | 07 - 26 - 2022

The color of the egg depends on the breed of the hen which lays it.White eggs are laid by white-feathered hens, while red-feathered hens lay brown eggs. With the assumption that brown eggs are healthy, Are they really healthier than white eggs?

Reason For Stained Shells 

 The color of shells is usually determined by the breed of hens. Hens with red feathers and red ear lobes are most likely to lay eggs with pigmented shells, which may vary in shade and intensity depending on diet, stress, genetic factors, and age. Brown eggs are larger in size and also have yolks with a deeper orange color, which may lead to the assumption that they are healthier.

The ‘Not So Healthy Ones’

The eggs laid by white-feathered hens are the ones with white shells and a lighter shade of yolk. The difference in nutrition when brown and white eggs are compared is negligible.

Which of the Following Types has More Nutritional Value?
  • A. Brown eggs
  • B. White eggs
  • C. Blue eggs
  • D. Same for all

The Price Difference 

The price of brown eggs is comparatively higher than white eggs due to the secondary expense of feeding the red-feathered hens and also due to the fact that this breed of hens generally produces fewer eggs. The appetite of brown egg-producing hens is greater, causing the farmers to spend more on feed, which is reflected in the price. Higher price of brown eggs also adds to the misconceptions that they one are healthier.

White eggs vs brown eggs:  Nutrition

The societal association of brown products with healthier products is bogus in a way. Brown eggs, at times, reach their consumers early, which will help in retaining their freshness and, at times, might seem like they taste better. But , by any means, it does not contribute to any nutritional benefits.

Brown eggs vs white eggs: Proteins

Both white and brown eggs contain about 6.5 grams of protein per serving. Due to their excellent quality and presence of important amino acids, the protein in eggs is beneficial in rebuilding the body’s muscles.

Hope you have gained some information on brown and white eggs. Please check out our quiz below to test your knowledge of eggs.

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