Top Interesting NBA Logo Quiz

Ashley | 03 - 27 - 2021

NBA basketball team logos and team names have evolved a lot in the past 65 years. Here is a list of fun facts and an NBA logo quiz to test your NBA spirit.

  1. The Atlanta Hawks began as Buffalo Bisons in 1946.
  2. Boston Celtics Logo wore a shamrock coat at first.
  3. Brooklyn Nets were known as N.J Americans in 1967, NY Nets in 1973, and New Jersey Nets Basketball in 1978.
  4. The Charlotte Hornets were Charlotte Bobcats in 2008.
  5. The Chicago Bulls have kept the same logo since 1966.
  6. Cleveland Cavaliers first had a swashbuckler in red with Cleveland on top and Cavalier in the bottom as their logo.
  7. The Dallas Mavericks logo first had a light green basketball with a blue M with a cowboy hat and the team name written in blue with a green outline.
  8. Denver Nuggets were first known as Denver Rockets.
  9. Detroit Pistons inaugurated as Ft. Wayne Zollner Pistons.
  10. Golden State Warriors were originally named as Philadelphia Warriors, then became San Francisco Warriors before taking up their current name.
  11. Houston Rockets were called San Diego Rockets and had two color iterations before settling with the current logo.
  12. Indiana Pacers had three logo design changes before deciding the present logo.
  13. Los Angeles Clippers were Buffalo Braves in 1970, San Diego Clippers in 1978.
  14. The Los Angeles Lakers were Minneapolis Lakers when they were inaugurated in 1947.
  15. Memphis Grizzlies were Vancouver Grizzlies till 2001.
  16. The Miami Heat logo was updated in 1999.
  17. Milwaukee Bucks changed their logo four times before settling on the prevailing logo.
  18. The Minnesota Timberwolves logo was first an aggressive wolf on top of a basketball.
  19. The New Orleans Pelicans were first a franchise of Charlotte Hornets and were called New Orleans hornets.
  20. New York Knickerbockers first had Father Knickerbocker dribbling a basketball as their logo.
  21. Oklahoma City Thunder used to be called Seattle SuperSonics till 2008.
  22. Orlando Magic went through three font changes before settling on the current logo.
  23. The Philadelphia 76ers were known as Syracuse Nationals.
  24. Phoenix Suns have changed their logo design thrice.
  25. Portland Trail Blazers had six logo design alterations, out of which two were font changes.
  26. Sacramento Kings used to be called Rochester Royals until 1971, known as Kansas City- Omaha until 1984.
  27. The San Antonio Spurs used to be Dallas Chaparrals from 1967 to 1975.
  28. Toronto Raptors had two logo changes. One without the dribbling raptor and then back again to the original logo with a slight color difference.
  29. Utah Jazz was launched as New Orleans Jazz.
  30. Washington Wizards had four name changes before settling on the current one. Namely, Chicago Packers, Chicago Zephyrs, Baltimore Bullets, Baltimore Capital, and Washington Bullets. 

Tips for creating a top interesting NBA logo quiz

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  • Test your quiz: Before you publish your quiz, you should test it to make sure that it is working properly. This will help to ensure that the quiz is fair and that people are able to answer the questions correctly.

Since the facts are done, and your memory is well refreshed, take this NBA logo quiz and pass with flying colors.

Who Is the Basketball Player in the NBA Logo?
  • A. Jerry West
  • B. Nate Archibald
  • C. Ray Allen
  • D. Walt Bellamy
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