Strange Sports Terms That You Didn’t Know

Iris | 08 - 13 - 2023
Strange Sports Terms That You Didn’t Not Know

Strange Sports Terms

Are you a true sports fan? Can you identify the sport by its slang? If yes, play our strange sports terms quiz now and check your knowledge.

Strange Sports Terms you must Know:

1. Home Stretch

Sports: Horse Racing

The final phase of the race is called a home stretch. On a racecourse, the home stretch is the final part of the track on which the race finishes. 

2. Frozen Rope

Sport: Baseball

When the ball moves in a hard, fast and straight direction when it is thrown by the fielder or hit by the batman it is called a Frozen rope. 

3. Dime

Sport: Basketball

A dime is an “assist” to the player to make their call.  When one player passes the ball to his teammate to score the goal it is called a dime.

1. Rugby Is the National Game of Which Country?
  • A. Paraguay
  • B. Ireland
  • C. New Zealand
  • D. England

4. Nutmeg

Sport: Soccer

It is the action of kicking, rolling, dribbling and pushing the ball between the opponent’s legs and regaining possession of the ball. “Nutmegging” is a tease in the game of soccer that could drive the opponent crazy.

5. Bonk

Sport: Running

Runners usually bonk when their energy level drops constantly and every step becomes difficult especially at the final stage in the race. 

6. Fartlek

Sport: Running

It is a Swedish term which means speed play.  It is running at different paces or alternating between speedrunning and jogging to avoid tiredness and it’s a lot of fun, unlike conventional running styles.

7. Deke 

Sport: Ice Hockey

Originating from the word decoy it is the act of faking the opponent out of position through the ways of handling the stick, changing the direction and speeding up all of a sudden and fooling the defender to go around them. 

8. Catch a Crab

Sport: Rowing

It happens when you fail to flip the oar for another stroke and fail to pull it from the water on time. The blade gets caught up in the water and acts like a brake and sometimes makes the oar eject toward you.

9. Icing

Sport: Football and Basketball

It is a timeout session which is called out by the coaches immediately before the opponent player sets to attempt a critical field goal. This literally jeopardises the chance of scoring a goal. 

10. Deuce

Sport: Tennis

A deuce in tennis occurs when the score is tied at 40-40. A player must then score two consecutive points to win the match.

11. Posterize

Sport: Basketball

It’s a great athletic moment when the player dunks the ball over another player and scores a goal in a commanding manner.

12. Rusty Gate 

Sport: Lacrosse

When the defender swings his crosse behind his back around the defender to dislodge the ball from his opponent’s crosse, it is called a rusty gate check.

13. Beat to the punch

Sport: Boxing

The act of striking the opponent with the first move and beating him to the punch without letting him overpower is called beat to the punch.

14. Bump and Run

Sport: Football

 A technique used to slow down a player so that a goal can be scored on the field. 

15. Ace

Sport: Tennis

When a serve is missed by the opponent player and the ball successfully lands in the service box it is called an Ace.

16. Pepper

Sport: Volleyball

Two players perform the sequence of a bump, set, spike and repeat as a warm-up process which is called as pepper.

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