Can You Match the Famous Literary Quotes to Their Respective Authors and Books?

Leia Smith | 09 - 02 - 2023
Harry Potter

Literature is the mirror of life. It reflects the essence of one’s life. Fiction, novels, dramas, and poetry all fall under this category. Literature remains the best platform for a writer to express their knowledge and ideas. Each word the writer scribbles leaves a deep impact on the reader’s life. The words, the characters and the tone – make the reader think he is not the only one experiencing the situation. Writing one’s own thoughts and feelings is not possible in everyone’s case. 

However, a great number of writers broke all the limits to pen their thoughts and feelings remaining the epitome for upcoming writers.  From Shakespeare to Haruki Murakami, many writers inspired us with their magical words which became our favourite quotations. No matter which era the book belongs to, some quotes will suit for all time. Let’s see if you can match some of the best literary quotes to their respective authors and books.

What's Done Cannot Be Undone. Which famous author said this quote?
  • A. John Dryden
  • B. William Shakespeare
  • C. Christopher Marlow
  • D. Virginia Woolf
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