Can You Play This Harry Potter Character Quiz?

Ashley | 17 - 09 - 2020

Harry Potter, his friends, his pet owl, the magical creatures, Hogwarts, and the costumes made our childhood very special. We all would have at least dreamt of being in those magical  situations. The major success of the show depends on the plot twists. JK Rowling made every one of us visit Hogwarts virtually. We all must agree that we would have secretly wished to visit such a place.

Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, Ron Weasly, Hedwig, and the list of our favorite characters might go on. But are you a true Harry Potter fan? Do you think you can easily complete any Harry Potter character quizzes? Trivia Sharp offers the Harry Potter name quiz as a great way to test your knowledge. This ‘name Harry Potter character quiz’ will challenge your knowledge of the film series.

1. She Is the Only Daughter of Xenophilius and Pandora.
  • A. Luna Lovegood
  • B. Lily Luna Potter
  • C. Narcissa Malfoy
  • D. None of the Above
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