Can You Score 10/10 on This Geography Terms Quiz?

Julia | 12 - 15 - 2021
Geography Terms Quiz

Did you know? Our world is a big mind-boggling place and it has so many mind-blowing geographical features that nobody knows about. There are so many geography terms beginning with alphabets A-Z and among them did you know what are some geographical terms starting with S? Play our geography terms quiz to discover them. 

Geography Terms Beginning with S

  • Saddle 

The saddle is the region surrounding the elevational low point or the ridge connecting the two summits. 

  • Salt Pan 

A salt pan is considered as a large, flat surface of land naturally covered with salt or other minerals. Salt pans are commonly found in deserts, where they form dissolved mineral solids as a large body of water evaporates.

_________ Is a Distinct Layer of Soil Encountered in a Vertical Section.
  • A. Soil Horizon
  • B. Snowline
  • C. Smong
  • D. None of the Above
  • Scarp 

A scarp is a steep cliff or steep slope, formed because of faulting or by the erosion of inclined rocks.

  • Sea Mount 

A mountain or volcano rising from the ocean floor whose summit does not reach the water’s surface.

  • Seismograph

Seismograph is a scientific instrument that detects and records vibrations (seismic waves) produced by earthquakes.

  • Serac

Serac is a large block of glacial ice formed by the intersection of numerous crevasses where the glacier fragments as it reaches a steep slope. They are usually found in icefalls, especially in mountainous terrain.

  • Shield 

A broad area of old rocks above sea level that is usually characterized by thin, poor soils and low population densities.

  • Shoal 

Shoal is a naturally submerged ridge, bank, that is covered by sand or other material. It usually rises from the bed of a body of water that is just below or above the surface.

  • Slough 

Slough is considered as a type of wetland that is usually a swamp or a shallow lake. In which water tends to be stagnant or flows very slowly on a seasonal basis.

  • Soil Horizon 

Soil Horizon is a distinct layer of soil encountered in the vertical section.

  • Spur 

A lateral ridge or other landform that forms on the the side of a hill and a mountain. It is typically surrounded on at least three sides by steep hillsides.

  • Snowline 

Snowline is the lowest elevation at which snow remains for years and does not melt even during the summer.

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