Captivating Crater of Diamonds State Park Facts That Everyone Should Know

Iris | 03 - 11 - 2021
Crater of Diamonds State Park

Do you have a strong desire for diamonds? If yes, then you would probably love to mine diamonds by yourself. Diamond mining in Arkansas, one and only diamond mine in the whole world where you are allowed to mine yourself. The crater of diamond mines in a state park is a must-stop. Get into our blog to learn about the volcanoes and how diamonds are mined and formed in the areas of Arkansas through our crater of the diamonds state park facts.

What Is the Crater of the Diamonds State Park?

The crater of the diamond state park is a 911 acre state park located in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. That is about 120miles away from a little park, Arkansas. It will be open except Thanksgiving Day, New Year, and Christmas. This park is the only diamond-bearing site that is accessible to the public. Diamond hunting is one of the most loved activities among the visitors of the crater of diamonds. From the first discovery of diamonds in 1906 to up to date people have found more than 75,000 diamonds. 

How Often Are Diamonds Found at Crater of Diamonds?
  • A. 1 or 2 each day
  • B. 2 or 3 each day
  • C. 3 or 4 each day
  • D. None of the Above

Unlike cube, dodecahedron, and octahedron-shaped diamonds,  the crater diamonds are tetrahexahedron or 24-sided which nearly resembles a circle-shaped. More than diamonds there are many other crystals found in the park, like calcite, quartz, and barite. An ancient volcanic eruption formed all the gems in that area. 

Secrets to Find Diamonds at the Crater of Diamonds

If you are about to search for diamonds in the crater diamond park then first you must plan it accordingly. 

  • Make sure you have all the appropriate tools to dig and find the diamonds. Eventhough park has a variety of tools like buckets, shovels, carts, and sifting, you are also allowed to bring your own tools from home.
  • Always be prepared for getting wet and dirty. There are two types of sifting wet and dry sifting. You will obviously get yourself splashed with dirty water so make sure you wear clothes and boots according to it. 
  • Before hunting for diamonds attend the interpretive program held by the park interpreters to learn the method of diamond hunting. 
  • The crater diamond park is about 2 miles so bring it up like a picnic by packing some foods and snacks. There are also picnic tables everywhere. 

Have fun at just digging the dirt and finding some cool rocks. On average each year more than  2,00,000 people visit the Crater diamond park. While most of the visitors go home without a diamond they end up taking so much of memories with them. Arkansas crater of the diamond state park is the best park for both children and adults. 

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