Carbon Cycle and Its Process

Emma | 02 - 08 - 2021
Carbon Cycle

What is the carbon cycle? The carbon cycle is a biochemical process in which the atom travels from the atmosphere of the earth and then back to the atmosphere. It is nature’s way of reusing the carbon from the atmosphere into the organisms. The carbon is exchanged among the biosphere, pedosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere of the earth. In simple terms, the circulation of carbon around the earth is called the carbon cycle. 

Carbon Cycle Process

Carbon is one of the essential elements and it is the foundation for all lives on the earth. The carbon is in the part of the atmosphere, seawater, rocks, and even living organisms. The carbon cycle process takes place in various steps. 

  1. Atmosphere to plants- In this process plants pull the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into energy. This process plays an important role for living organisms. Carbon dioxide is the raw material for photosynthesis. 
  2. In this cycle, the decomposers from plants release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. When animals and plants die and decay it releases CO2 back to the atmosphere, and some remains and becomes fossil fuels
  3. Living things to the atmosphere- Each time we exhale carbon is released. Through the respiration process animals and plants get rid of carbon dioxide.
  4. Fossil fuels to the atmosphere- Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere when fuels are burned. Even volcano eruption, deforestation, and even land changes can release CO2 into the atmosphere. 
  5. Atmosphere to the oceans- 25% of CO2 released from fossil fuels is absorbed by the ocean. The ocean takes carbon dioxide from the 

Importance of the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Cycle

Carbon dioxide plays an important role in the ecosystem because it has life-sustaining element carbon dioxide. 

In What Form Is Carbon Found in the Atmosphere?
  • A. Carbon Dioxide
  • B. Carbon Monoxide
  • C. Carbon-Oxygen
  • D. Carbon Oxide
  • It controls the earth’s atmosphere
  • It is essential for the survival of all life on earth  

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