China Overtakes the US: How It Became the World’s Richest Nation?

Ashley | 11 - 17 - 2021
China Overtakes US

China overtakes the US and becomes the world’s richest nation. Do you know how it did the impossible? Find out below.

China Overtakes the US Economy

The US is currently under a lot of debt and is facing the worst inflation after 30 years for the first time. The Chinese economy is no less. The constant power cuts, the policies brought against its share markets, and local issues like Evergrande’s debt have also stressed its economy considerably.  China managed to surpass the US by tripling its global income in the past two decades, according to McKinsey & Co.

China Becomes the Largest Economy

With the strength of its population, custom-made laws that support the installation of manufacturing units and factories, and being the largest producer of daily goods that are cheap, China has managed to outnumber America in the number of Fortune 500 companies.

What Country Is #1 In Economy 2021?
  • A. The UK
  • B. The US
  • C. China
  • D. None of the Above

China contributes to 1/3rd of the global wealth. It emerged as the largest economy in the world. Its net worth of $7 trillion from the 2000s rose to $120 trillion in 2020. It was also the only country to report a profit regardless of the pandemic.

When Will China Overtake the US? 

While both nations are in close competition, China will overtake the US  by 2028 (5 Years earlier than anticipated). Most of the nation’s income is concentrated in the hands of rich households who make only 10% of the population but own more than 2/3rd of the nation’s wealth. 

One of the primary reasons the US is lagging behind is due to the drop in real estate. Real estate contributes to 68% of the total wealth of these nations. Global wealth doesn’t consider financial assets and intangible assets like intellectual property make up a tiny fraction of the entirety.

What Will Happen When China Overtakes the US?

The US saw a similar wealth boom to China in 2008. The wealth boom inflated the price of real estate to such an extent that people began to borrow to buy houses. In China, the current value of assets is 50% higher than the average relative income of the majority of households in the long run.  

The alarming increase in real estate could topple the economy in the long run if more businesses like Evergrande defaulted in their payments and abandoned properties mid-construction.

This in turn, could affect the world economy proportionately since many of the world’s richest individuals and businesses have invested a lot in China.

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