Cinderella, a Pig Has Willies to Cope up with Her Mysophobia

Ashley | 03 - 25 - 2021
pig with mysophobia

A pig named Cinderella does not like to leave her home without wearing the wellies made solely for her as she has Mysophobia.

What Is Mysophobia? 

Mysophobia is the fear of germs and contamination. It is often related to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder(OCD). 

Symptoms of Mysophobia

  • Avoiding crowded places. 
  • Washing hands excessively.
  • Avoiding physical contact with others.
  • Having thoughts of germs exposure leading to illnesses.

This weird phobia is not only related to humans. Animals may also have mysophobia. But you would not believe it when I say the animal which spends most of its lifetime in mud and dirt may also suffer from mysophobia. Have you guessed to be the pig? If Yes, you are right! 

What Is Mysophobia?
  • A. Fear of Dirt or Contamination
  • B. Fear of Diseases
  • C. Fear of Pigs
  • D. Fear of Animals

A pig named Cinderella in North Yorkshire has been found to have mysophobia. She is nicknamed to be Cinders. 

Debbie and Andrew Keeble, owners of Cinderella, share their story of finding Cinder to be mysophobic. When this incident happened, both of them were 42. 

Cinderella was born on a pig farm with more than 200 pigs in North Yorkshire, England. Her owners also own a sausage factory which is the major reason for the 1000 acre-pig farm.

Her owners Debbie and Keeble, noticed the change when Cinderella was a six-week-old piglet. She and her six siblings were let out to enjoy their time in the mud. When all other pigs were relishing their playtime venturing away from their mother, Cinderella was found trembling in a corner. 

In the beginning, they thought that Cinder was just not in the mood to explore or just wanted to stay with her mother. But later, they realized that she was found happily cherishing her leisure time anywhere except when she was left in the mud. Only then they figured out the reason might be leaving her in mud and dirt. 

When they realized that Cinderella was mysophobic, they were shocked and perplexed. After their 12-year-old daughter’s suggestion, they decided to get her willies so she would not go bare-footed into the mud. The couple’s friends designed green willies made of rubber exclusively for Cinderella. 

Mr. Kebble added that the willies fitted her like a glove. 

After getting her shoes, the couples added that she ran into the mud along with her siblings to enjoy her playtime. 

They concluded that in their 20 years of experience with pigs, they have never seen a pig afraid of mud and dirt. However, they really wish that someday she would get over her mysophobia and play happily in the mud. 

Here is a piece of happy news for you! Cinders would never be slaughtered as the owners added that she is more of a pet to their whole family and wants her to live a happy and long life. 

The couple who was well aware of the struggles pig farmers has been facing was looking for an interesting way to gain people’s attention. 

Hence, the couple recruited Cinderella to be a mascot in their campaign to raise funds to support struggling pig farmers. 

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