Cristiano Ronaldo’s Headed Goal against Sampdoria!

Emma | 02 - 25 - 2020
Cristiano Ronaldo’s Headed Goal against Sampdoria!

Cristiano Ronaldo’s remarkable header against Sampdoria has made headlines. Reaching a height of 2.56m is unnatural, unbelievable and amazing. This is one of the best headers one would ever see. 

The goal gave Juventus a 2-1 win over Sampdoria and put Juventus on top of the table. The Portugal captain defied the laws of physics as he somehow managed to clear every single defender, the goalkeeper and hung in the air for some time before taking the headshot making it five goals in the last five league games.

Both the teams were 1-1 just before half-time at the Stadio Comunale Luigi Ferraris when the Portuguese star scored the head-shot winning goal.

1. How High Did Ronaldo Jump Last Night?
  • A. 2.56m
  • B. 1.67m
  • C. 3.50m
  • D. 2.20m

Latching on to the end of a whipped cross from the Brazilian player Alex Sandro, Ronaldo leaped 8-foot- 4-inches into the air, towering above Sampdoria’s Omar Colley and Nicola Murru, before cushioning the ball into the corner of the net with his head.

To be specific the 34-year-old star was flying in the air for 1.5 seconds. 

Ronaldo said, “I’m very happy with the result. It’s been a very difficult match against a Sampdoria team who played well. We managed to do even better and deservedly got this victory.

“The team played with a great attitude. The goal was great, especially because it was decisive for winning the three points. I didn’t know I was up [in the air] so long,” he added.

Many of Ronaldo’s fans have commented on Twitter about this miraculous head-shot. One commented, “Ronaldo jumps & then tells Gravity to chill before he heads the ball in the net, that’s the craziest Heading Technique I have seen in Football. Has to open Air Ronaldo at this Point…”

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