Deadliest Soccer Matches in History

Emma | 07 - 01 - 2020
Deadliest Soccer Matches in History

Here Are Some of the Deadliest Soccer Games in History Ever to Be Recorded

The National Stadium Disaster

The National Stadium Disaster (May 24, 1964) is the deadliest soccer match riot ever to be recorded. The disaster occurred in the match between Peru and Argentina which took place in National stadium-Lima. During the match, the referee disallowed a goal saying it was a foul. It outraged the Peruvian fans who started a riot. In that soccer riot, more than 328 civilians were killed and another 500 were seriously injured.

Ellis Park Stadium Disaster

The Ellis Park Stadium tragedy (April 11, 2001) occurred in Johannesburg, South Africa. During the match between Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates in that stadium, 43 people were stampeded to death. Because nearly 30,000 fans fraudulently entered the stadium which had the capacity to hold only 60,000 but the report says that approximately 120, 000 gained access into the stadium, which caused this horrific soccer death.

The Accra Sports Stadium Disaster

The Accra Sports stadium disaster (May 9, 2001) occurred at the match between Ghana’s two successful teams when one team won at the last minute and the soccer fans fight the other team and threw plastic chairs and bottles in the pitch. When the police tried to control the situation by firing tear gas into the crowd the fans scrambled to get out but as the gates were locked 127 were crushed to death.

1. Which Team Started the Riot during the Accra Sports Stadium Disaster?
  • A. Asante Kotoko
  • B. Hearts of Oak
  • C. Liverpool
  • D. None of the above

Kathmandu Stadium Disaster

The Kathmandu stadium disaster (March 12, 1988) killed 93 people and injured more than 100. During the match between Nepal and Bangladesh, people tried to flee from a hailstorm through the exit gate but not knowing that the gate was locked people rushed into the narrow path leading to the gate and were crushed to death.

Ibrox Disaster

The Ibrox disaster on January 2, 1971, occurred in Glasgow, Scotland after the match between Rangers and Celtic. After the matches, Rangers fans were leaving the stadium thinking that Celtic has won but on their way back, the stairway gets collapsed killing 66 people including children. This is one of the worst soccer injuries.

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