Different Versions of Santa Claus Around the World

Vannessa | 11 - 27 - 2020
different versions of santa Claus

We all love Santa, don’t we? Though the Western countries remember him as a big-bearded gentleman dressed in red with a bag of gifts over his shoulder, there are countries that celebrate a completely different version of Santa Claus. Let’s head over to learn some of the most surprising names for Santa Claus around the world. 

Santa Claus in Different Countries

  • Spain

Santa Claus is addressed as Papa Noel or Pere Noel which translates to Father Christmas in Spain, France, and other French-speaking countries. He looks just like our traditional Santa with a super-long white beard wearing red. 

  • Hawaii

Hawaii is always known for its cheery celebrations and happy vibes. Well, their Santa Claus known as Kanakaloka is also pretty much the same. Santa is more on a vacation in Hawaii. He is decorated with flowers and spreads positivity even in times of distress. 

Santa Claus Is Called Papa Noel in Which Country?
  • A. Sweden
  • B. Spain
  • C. London
  • D. Brazil
  • Hungary

Santa Claus is popularly called Mikulas in Hungary. According to the Hungarian mythology, Mikulas arrives on December 6th (St. Nicholas’ feast) every year for celebrations and leaves before Christmas.

  • Austria

Not the traditional Santa, but there is a gift-giver called Christkind in countries like Austria, Czech Republic, and Croatia. Christkind is no old gentleman with a long beard, but is a spirit-like child with wings who looks more like an angel usually depicted with Christ.

  • Russia

Russia has an Ice Santa called Ded Moroz in the country’s native language. He is said to be accompanied by his granddaughter Snow Maiden to deliver gifts. Snow Maiden is usually dressed in blue with a snowflake crown. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

  • Netherlands

Santa is called Sinterklass in the Netherlands. He looks more like a saint typically based on Saint Nicholas. On December 5th every year, they have a children’s celebration for Sinterklass. 

  • Finland

Joulupukki is what they call him and it is basically a Christmas figure whose meaning translates to ‘Yule Goat’.   

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