Discover the Planet That Rains Diamonds

Iris | 05 - 23 - 2021
rain diamonds

Would you believe it if we said that there is a planet that rains diamonds? Yes, deep within the hearts of Neptune and Uranus, it could be raining diamonds. Recently, scientists have proved that this could be possible with their research. Explore our blog to know about how it rains diamonds on Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus. Don’t forget to play our exciting trivia quiz with your friends.  

Planet that Rains Diamonds

Diamonds are made from carbon that has been compressed and heated to extreme temperatures. You could theoretically make a diamond by taking a charcoal briquette from your barbecue, heating it, and squeezing it hard enough for a long time. Diamonds are formed some 100 miles deep on Earth. Volcanic magma transports them closer to the earth, resulting in gleaming gemstones for use in rings, pendants, and ear studs.

However, in the thick atmospheres of planets like Jupiter and Saturn, where their immense scale produces tremendous quantities of gravity, massive amounts of pressure and heat will squeeze carbon in mid-air and cause diamonds to rain.

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Saturn and Jupiter 

The massive lightning storms on the planets Saturn and Jupiter convert methane to soot (unburnt carbon particles). As these soot clouds approach the planets, they assemble together and form a block of graphite. When they get closer to the planet’s center, these graphites are exposed to extreme pressure from the atmosphere and compressed into the gleaming precious stones known as diamonds. 

As a result, we may assume that Saturn and Jupiter are practically drenched in diamonds. However, these diamonds do not remain solid for long. When they travel further into the planet’s interiors, the heat and temperature are high enough to dissolve them into liquid, resulting in liquid diamonds. Some of the reports also prove that Uranus and Neptune also rain diamonds.

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