Discover the Real Reason behind Juice Box Flaps

Iris | 03 - 01 - 2021
Juice Box

Almost every one of us had juice in our childhood through a juice box. But do you know what the wings on juice boxes for are? We have heard many stories about these juice box flaps from our parents that lifting these flaps helps release the most liquid caught on the corner of the box. But that is not the real reason. 

But the real reason behind these two flaps on a juice box on the sides is to make kids hold it like a handle without crushing and squeezing the juice box. Carrying the juice box with flaps will prevent it from spilling through and packing them.

What is a Juice box?

Who Invented the Juice Box?
  • A. Gad Rausing
  • B. Ruben Rausing
  • C. Hans Rausing
  • D. Sven Rausing

A juice box is a small container that is used to carry drinks. Juice boxes are also known as cartons or poppers. These boxes were first invented by a Swedish man named Ruben Rausing in the year 1963, specifically used to store milk or other liquids, and it was called “Tetra Brik”. 

After gaining popularity, juice boxes have been widely recognized as an efficient, eco-friendly, and space-saving invention. It was incorporated into the U.S market in the year 1980. Later it went under various changes like packaging, manufacturing, and design. 

Nowadays, juice boxes come with covered holes and attached straw. Lynn Tilley introduced this design type. Some of them complained it was a bad design as it was hard to drink, and some said that it was a more comfortable design for kids. 

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