Do Babies Have Kneecaps?

Ashley | 05 - 22 - 2021

Human beings are born with 300 bones that later fuse and become 260 bones. But do you know that one of the most important bones is absent at birth? TriviaSharp has brought the answer to the question “Do babies have kneecaps?” in the form of a fun and informative quiz.

Which Body Part are Babies born Without?

From bones, muscles, blood, skin to hair follicles, babies are born with all body parts except for knees. Babies put in a lot of effort to shift from crawling to walking upright.

Infants take time to walk not because they don’t know how to walk but because babies are born without kneecaps that support the body while standing upright.

How Many Bones Does a Baby Have at Birth?
  • A. 220
  • B. 260
  • C. 300
  • D. 310

When Do Babies Develop Knee Caps?

Instead of strong bones, babies have cartilage, the innermost part of the bone in place of kneecaps. Thus, experimenting with whether a baby lacks kneecaps can get highly dangerous if these cartilages that later aid in the growth of bones get misplaced. So, hold your curiosity and just have theoretical knowledge on “when do kneecaps grow in babies?” 

Babies develop strong bones in their knees between the age of 2 to 6 years of age. 

Fascinating Facts about Babies

  • Babies respond to music instinctively
  • Newborns can hold their breath underwater 
  • Only human babies smile at their parents
  • Babies see the color red first
  • Infants don’t produce tears for a few weeks after birth
  • Babies lose all the hair they were born with within four months of birth
  • Newborns can taste only sweet and sour food
  • The size of your eyes and ears remain the same while your nose keeps on growing.
  • Most of the extra bones are located on the baby’s skull.
  • Babies have stomachs equal to the size of a walnut.

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