Do Dim Lights Reduce Your Appetite?

Emma | 09 - 06 - 2021
Reason for Dim lights at dinner

Worrying about weight gain? Dim lights can help you to suppress your appetite! Yes, it sounds funny but it’s true. Dim lighting not only enhances your date mood but also helps to suppress your food mood. Research says that bright lights increase your stress which in turn stimulates your appetite. Lighting and appetite are closely related to each other, low light is said to be an appetite suppressant and bright light is an appetite stimulant. 

The research was conducted in two groups by Cornell University. The study was motivated by the perception that full-spectrum light increases people’s sense of well-being so, in turn, it must also result in behavioral changes. Two similar dining rooms with different lighting were used in this research. One of the rooms was replaced with lamps and the other room was with incandescent lights. The researchers compared the meal duration between the two dining rooms. They also compared the sales between the dining rooms which had regular incandescent light and full-spectrum light. The researchers found that the dim-light diners ate less food compared to the people who ate in the normal restaurant lighting. The research also found out that dim lights and soft music makes the customers consume less food, enjoy the food, and also spend more time there. 

Reason for Dim Lights at Dinner

Restaurant lighting can affect a person’s mood and dining choices. Lighting is one of the influencing factors that help determine your mood and your mental state while ordering food. Dim lighting is not only romantic and attractive but there are also numerous factors and business tactics behind the lightning. Here are a few reasons why restaurants have dim lighting.

How Many Dining Rooms Were Used in This Research?
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  • Bright light makes customers stay alert whereas dim light allows customers to relax.
  • People eating in dim lighting eat food slowly and they also feel happy and content with their dining experience. 
  • According to some research, people seated in the darker room order more food compared to those in the well-lit room. 
  • Dim lighting makes food appealing. 
  • Dining in dim-lighting appeals to all senses, not just to taste buds. 
  • It helps customers to enjoy a different dining experience. 
  • Dim lighting evokes your sense of comfort. 
  • Dim lighting makes you order more food including unhealthy fried foods and desserts. 


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