Do You Know What Are the Little Buttons on Jeans for?

Ashley | 10 - 19 - 2023

Have you ever wondered what are the buttons on jeans for? Well, you must have. But did you get your answer? Okay, that is probably why you are here. This article will explain everything about the reason behind the random buttons on jeans

Why do jeans have tiny buttons? If you believe those buttons on jeans are a part of jeans fashion, you might be probably wrong. They actually serve a purpose that helps with making your jeans last longer. 

Why do jeans have rivets? Jeans have become an everyday thing easily since their introduction in 1873 by Levi’s. Though the jeans’ fabric is usually hard, we wear it all day, sit, run, and put things in them, and there is an easy chance that they can wear out easily. When the jeans were invented, most people complained about wearing out and ripping out on the corners of the pocket seams. This was when the idea of using rivets arrived! 

When Were the First Rivets Invented?
  • A. 5,000 Years Ago
  • B. 10,000 Years Ago
  • C. 15,000 Years Ago
  • D. 20,000 Years Ago

The rivets in the jeans have an interesting history to tell us. Let’s learn more about it. 


In 1871, a Latvian tailor named Jacob W. Davis from Nevada introduced jeans with hammered copper rivets as he received many complaints about the wearing out of jeans, especially at the pocket corner and the base of the fly. 

This was when the riveted blue jeans were invented. 

Several years back, minors and workers wore jeans even during heavy work. This is exactly why Jacob came up with a simple solution of adding rivets to the jeans. 

This model was an instant success making his rivals introduce designs with the same imitation. He wanted to protect his design by obtaining a patent, but since he did not have the money to pay for the patent, he decided to partner up with Levi Strauss. 

And finally, Levi’s received the patent for riveted jeans on May 20, 1873. It held onto the patent for 17 years till 1890. Though many companies introduced similar designs, none worked. 

Soon after their patent expired in 1890, other brands started introducing jeans with rivets. 

So, the next time you find the little buttons on your jean you would at least identify them as ‘rivets’, their history and benefits. 

What are the little pockets on jeans for?  This is another commonly asked question. The little pockets were first introduced in the 1890s for people to put their pocket watches. Though pocket watches are not in use anymore, the small pockets are still around. 

Facts on Rivets

  • The rivets were first invented in Ancient Egypt around 5,000 years ago to fix handles to clay jars.
  • The commonly used rivets can be found in steel, aluminum, and iron. 
  • The word ‘rivet’ comes from the word ‘river’ because of its capability to fix something. 
  • In the mid-1800s rivets were being used popularly in the construction industry.  

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