Do You Know What Can Hackers Do with Your Phone Number?

Iris | 11 - 20 - 2020

Everybody has these questions in their mind, “What can hackers do with your phone number, and can someone hack you using your phone number? ” First of all, hacking your phone is not an easy task. It undergoes various methods and processes. But if the hacker has your phone number then hijacking your phone is simple. For example, your smartphone can be hacked with just a simple text when you open the message. 


Top 5 Things Hackers Can Do with Your Phone Numbers. 

Who Is the Number 1 Hacker in the World?
  • A. Kevin David Mitnick
  • B. Anonymous
  • C. Adrian Lamo
  • D. None of the Above


  • Lookup Your Details 

As technology grows to make life easier it also risks your information. We live in the digital world where everything is based on technology and smartphones we end up giving our emails and phone number everywhere without realizing the after-effects. Anybody can look up details and data with your phone number.


  • Opening a New Account on Your Behalf

By hacking your mobile number hacker can simply give a forgotten password to any of your accounts either it may be Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, or Twitter they can reset your password by getting a code texted to your phone number which was directed to their mobile phone. 


  • Auto-Snapping of Your Photo for Sharing

There is a malware named auto snapping malware which can capture your every detail, photos, and contacts. And also anyone can hack your phone camera without your knowledge. There are numerous apps out there just to hack your camera like spyware.


  • Tracking Your Location

After stalking your phone number and monitoring your details, your location can also be accessed and monitored all the time. It may be good or bad but invading one’s privacy is not a good idea. There are apps to monitor and track one’s location it may be a family member, employee, or a stranger.


  • Sell Your Details to a Third Party 

Have you ever wondered how customer care or business or marketing teams got your number? Your mobile numbers were sold by a third party to the mobile marketing business companies. 


How to Secure Your Phone Number from Being Hacked?


  • Institute a passcode on the account.
  • Use a mobile-carrier-specific email address to access that account.
  • Disable online access to your wireless account.
  • Tell your carrier you’d like to require that changes to your account can be made only in person with a photo ID. 


How to Tell If Your Phone Is Hacked?

The following are the top 6 major signs that tell your phone has been hacked.

  • Noticeable decrease in battery life
  • Sluggish performance
  • High data usage
  • Outgoing calls or texts you didn’t send
  • Mystery pop-ups
  • Unusual activity on any accounts linked to the device

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