Does Google Really Always Record You on Apps?

Julia | 02 - 28 - 2020
Does Google Really Always Record You on Apps

Yes. Does Google really always record you on apps? Can Google record my details? Is Google always listening? How to turn off google voice recording?

Many of us believe that Google apps record only when we use connected devices like Google Home speakers. But it is found that Google apps can track you on your phone through its apps for which you use voice control.  You don’t have to use the wake word like “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”. Touching the microphone itself can record your voice word by word and send transcriptions. It starts recording a few seconds before the voice input.

It is already known that the world’s biggest search engine is tracking everything we type on chrome browser unless you use an incognito mode which many are still skeptical about the privacy. 

1. Who Is the Current CEO of Google?
  • A. Larry Page
  • B. Satya Nadella
  • C. Sundar Pichai
  • D. Sergey Brin

Can Google Record My Details?

The key lies in the app approval page that we accept before the app gets installed in your phone.  Along with terms and conditions, there are few options that seek our approval. Usually, the terms used in these questions are geeky and not every person will be able to understand the same.  If you are one of those people who click the checkbox without reading between the lines you will probably get recorded of everything that you speak to your phone. 

Is Google Always Listening?

Google clearly has said that only the “wake words” can enable the app to record any voice data. It has also mentioned that it will be used only to enhance the performance of Google’s assistant.  But it is found that Google apps can record everything you speak using the microphone be it voice search or other commands.

It is not limited to mobile applications. Any Google product that you use even on a desktop or Apple Macbook can transcript the data input.

How to Turn off Google Voice Recording?

You can turn off your voice and Audio recordings

Do log in to your Google account. Click on data & personalization on the left panel. Hovel over Activity Control panel and find web & App activity and click on it. Uncheck the box next to “include voice and audio recordings”.

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