Don’t Buy These Cool Tech Gadgets

Ashley | 09 - 02 - 2021
Cool Tech Gadgets

Are you crazy about new tech gadgets? Find out the most ridiculously cool tech gadgets in the market that you don’t need.

Modern Technology Gadgets

Companies are constantly developing new tech gadgets to give them a niche over competitors. Though there are groundbreaking inventions there are useless cool tech gadgets and app updates that catch our attention.  

Latest Electronic Gadgets

Here are 5 useful gadgets everyone should have:

Which of These Famous Items Are Made of Precious Metal/Stones?
  • A. Cricket Balls
  • B. Chess Coins
  • C. Toilet Closets
  • D. All of the Above
  1. Clip-on bag light
  2. Tile Mate
  3. 3D Pen
  4. Gutter cleaning robot
  5. Wireless earphones

Modern Things People Waste Money on

Here are five cool tech gadgets you would definitely want to buy but are actually useless. 

  • Pillow Remote

The pillow remote is Bluetooth-operated and can be used to access 500 different devices. You wouldn’t have to worry about losing your remote in between the couch but don’t be startled when something switches on in the middle of the night.

  • Hoverbrella

Do you like to fly a drone in the rain without both of you getting wet? Hovebrellas are drones attached to the bottom of an umbrella which you can operate with a remote or your phone.

  • Walking Sleep bag

Do you fall asleep at random places and wake up with a sore body? No worries, these ridiculous-looking sleep bags will save you from the hassle because you can wear them while walking around.

  • Garlic Press

They are really useful to mince a ton of garlic but chefs advise against it because they are too messy and hard to clean. 

  • Vegetable Spinner

Have you come across tik tok videos showing a vegetable/salad spinner where you just throw in medium-sized chunks of veggies and leaves and pull a cord on the lid to chop it? Well, as much as they are useful these little choppers are extremely flimsy.

Money and Technology

Get to know five of the expensive but useless new tech gadgets below.

  1. Magnet Bed- Standing at a whopping $1.6 million, these beds are suspended mid-air with powerful magnets.
  2. Archipods– These igloo-style hobbit houses cost between $20,000-$40,000 and are available in two sizes 9.6ft and 12ft. 
  3. Laundroid – They cost $16000 and can fold 30 different clothes at one go.
  4. Family Hub – This $4000 fridge will message if you leave it open rather than closing by itself.
  5. Sojourner Keyboard– The $1000 keyboard is made of brass and looks antique with intentional wear and tear. 

Now it’s time for a quiz on cool tech gadgets.

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