Dr. Fauci’s Journey to Bobblehead Fame Explained

Ashley | 02 - 19 - 2021
Dr. Fauci’s Bobblehead

Anthony Stephen Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases started appearing on TV screens in March 2020. Since then he has gained people’s attention and has become one of the famous and knowledgeable figures of all time. This famous celebrity has gone beyond the television screens. Let’s discuss Fauci’s Journey To Bobblehead Fame! 

Dr. Fauci’s Bobblehead

Dr. Anthony Fauci is known for his calming nature and has gained a unique fan base for his competent and kind nature. You might have found several Fauci-inspired shirts and masks online for sale, but it did not end there. His patience and trust-worthy nature made him receive one of the highest merch honors. 

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum in Milwaukee, Wiscons3in has turned him into a bobblehead and his fans have made it the record-breaking bestseller. 

How much was raised approximately from the Fauci bobbleheads?
  • A. $100,000
  • B. $200,000
  • C. $300,000
  • D. $400,000

Fauci’s Journey to Bobblehead Fame

The first-ever ‘Fauci’s bobblehead doll’ was released on April 1, 2020. This Bobblehead featured his “flatten the curve pose” from press conferences. 

Co-founder and CEO of the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, Phil Sklar decided to honor “the key face of the coronavirus pandemic” so that they could also help essential workers. 

Sklar explained that they read about Fauci’s background and his interest in other infectious diseases and in fighting against AIDS made him well respected and honored. This inspired them to move further and that is how the idea of Dr. Fauci’s Bobblehead born! 

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum listed the bobblehead for sale at $25. The interesting part is $5 from every sale would be donated to the “Protect the Heroes Campaign” of the American Hospital Association in order to support the 100 Million Mask Challenge.

In an interview, Sklar said, “It went crazy from the minute we put it on the site.” This inspired them to make a lot more.  

At first, a limited-edition of 42,020 Fauci’s bobblehead dolls that featured a blue tie was introduced. 

When 30,000 of the bobbleheads were sold out and when they thought this trend is going to die off, the spread of the Coronavirus continued. Fauci did not take a break, he continued appearing in the news, so the sale went in an upward trend. In a month, the rest of the bobbleheads were sold out. 

Other Versions of Dr. Fauci’s Bobbleheads

  • Dr. Fauci’s bobblehead with a red tie edition was introduced. 
  • The spiciest part is when the team decided to release the ‘Fauci facepalm bobbleheads’. 2,020 of those were released featuring Fauci’s “WTF” reaction at a Trump press conference in March. Soon, the red tie edition of the Fauci bobblehead dolls were sold out and the demand for those bobbleheads continued. 
  • After many suggestions, ‘Fauci for President bobblehead edition’ was released.
  • Later, ‘Fauci bobblehead Christmas ornaments’ was made on request from one of the organizations they are donating to. 
  • Fauci has soon become one of the favorite figures in the bobblehead community leading to the release of his seventh edition of the bobblehead. It featured him wearing his lab coat. Email newsletters were sent to those who have bought the previous versions of his bobbleheads. Within just a few hours, 1,000 of Dr. Fauci’s bobbleheads were sold. This proved that people are still interested! 


The Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt bobblehead (The famous nun from Loyola University Chicago) which was released in 2018 was by then the bestseller. But Fauci’s bobblehead beat the record and became the best-seller.

A sum of over $300,000 was raised from the Fauci bobbleheads. Sklar said that a bulk amount will be sent to help hospitals and healthcare centers for the medical professionals and staffers to continue serving during the pandemic. 

Sklar ended by saying that his team would soon decide to make further versions of Fauci’s bobbleheads based on the requests from his fans and the upcoming events. 

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