Everything about The First Round-the-World Passenger Cruise

Julia | 04 - 19 - 2023
First round-the-world passenger cruise

The first round-the-world passenger cruise arrived back in New York City on March 30, 1923, after completing a 130-day voyage. This six-month trip leads the way for today’s world cruises moving to several destinations such as Egypt, Japan, India, Panama Canal, Singapore, and more. The voyage occurred in SS Laconia, a Cunard liner owned by the American Express company. Continue reading to know more about the ultimate world cruise. 

The ultimate guide to cruising

Laconia was structured to accommodate around 2200 passengers, but American Express confined passenger numbers to 450 on the 1922-23 world cruise. The primary aim for this is less overcrowding and to provide a luxurious experience.

Eleanor and Claudia Phelp are the two sisters who traveled in Laconia and kept their travel logs of the 130-day voyage. The Laconia collection of the Phelps sisters includes photographs, film footage, travel diaries, and slides secured by the University of South Carolina’s Moving Image Research Collections.

In which city the first round-the-world passenger cruise arrived?
  • A. Australia
  • B. New York
  • C. Poland
  • D. Japan

Navigating the Panama Canal 

Laconia was the first ocean liner to cross the Panama Canal in November 1923. It doesn’t visit everywhere on the earth like Australian waters and more. Eleanor Phelp writes the beauty of the Panama Canal in her travel log as “the cleanness and finish of the concrete work, the freshness of the green, the artistic effect of the planning and the evident thought for contour lines in the laying out of houses and streets.” 

Tours and excursions are provided to the Laconia passengers at each port by American Express to remember the local culture. The first round-the-world passenger cruise voyage is a unique moment in history that follows the entry of various passengers line on the cruise in subsequent journeys. 

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