Everything You Need To Know About Pele, The Soccer Legend

Emma | 01 - 05 - 2023

How did Pelé change history?

Pele, the name that revolutionized soccer history. Brazilian native Edson Arantes Nascimento was born in a tiny town. Early Pele’s life was marked by extreme poverty. However, nothing, not even poverty, stopped him from becoming the best soccer player in the world. Almost half of the world’s population knows about his iconic backflip goal but this article will uncover a few interesting facts about Pele. Continue reading to know how did Pele change history and how many goals Pele scored in world cup.

Pele’s early life and wives

During his early years, the Brazilian soccer legend lived in such extreme poverty that his parents were unable to buy him a soccer ball. But despite this, he continued to play the sport. He liked to make paper balls out of socks and play with them. He worked at nearby stores to support himself before turning pro at soccer. Pele had numerous children and was married three times. At the age of 72, he married for the third time, to a businesswoman who was 50 years old.

5 facts about Pele

  • The scientist Thomas Edison had such an influence on Pele’s parents that they gave him the inventor’s surname as his first name
  • Pele was only 15 years old when he signed for Santos and scored four striking goals on his debut league match against FC Corinthians
  • At the age of 17, he created history by winning the 1958 FIFA World Cup. In his career, he is also recorded with more than 100 hat tricks. For winning a soccer world cup at a young age and for having more goals scored in a career, Pele holds two Guinness world records
  • He served as the Sports Minister of Brazil from 1995 to 1998
  • Pele reached the milestone of 1,000 goals for his career on November 19, 1969, and Santos continues to honor the hero by declaring November 19 as “Pele Day.” Pele was declared as a national treasure of Brazil

Death of Pele

Pele suffered multiple organ failure and passed away at the age of 82. In addition, he had been receiving colon cancer treatment for many years. Pele may have passed away, but his devotion to sport and his humanitarian efforts will live forever.

Pele’s was named after the American scientist Thomas Edison.
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