Everything You Need to Know About the World’s Largest T-Shirt

Iris | 12 - 21 - 2020
Everything You Need to Know About the World’s Largest T-Shirt

When the plastic sticks around the environment and threatens the world for ages. Here comes a big eye-opener. The Mumbai based company known as Plastindia Foundation and their partners came up with the idea of organizing a campaign to demonstrate the value of recycling by creating the world’s largest T-shirt.

The Plastindia Foundation planned for a record attempt and created the World’s largest size T-shirt made up of recycled plastic waste. One of the Indian NGO companies gave 2,00,000 used PET bottles which are crushed, recycled, and processed into the fiber to create 4,000 kg of cloth.

From the International Knitwear Company, 15 tailored tailors along with 600 volunteers were involved to sew the material into the giant supersized T-shirt. The team took about 45 days to complete the whole process. The T-shirt has different parts and they all were sewed in different warehouses in the nearby towns of Mumbai. 

Totally How Many Talented Tailors Sewed the Supersized T-Shirt?
  • A. 25
  • B. 20
  • C. 15
  • D. 10

After the full completion of the giant green and white T-shirt, it was transported to the cricket ground at the Goregaon sports club in Mumbai. The 120 volunteers took three days to complete the layout and to make the final touches. The T-shirt measures about 96.86m (317.78ft) long and 69.77m (228.90ft)wide. 

Then the whole size of the T-shirt was measured by Swapnil Dangarikar, the official world record adjudicator with the help of the professional surveyor. After the complete survey, Swapnil finally approved that the T-shirt was larger than the previous record.

The previous record was done by Equilibrios Camisetas Promocionais in Brazil who created a top of 93.2m (305ft 9.28in) long and 62.73m (205 ft 9.68 in)wide weighed about an astonishing 4,500Kg (9,920 lb) in pink color.

While hundreds of people watching Swapnil confirmed the Guinness world record. Photos were taken and the giant record-broken T-shirt was turned into 10,000 normal-sized T-shirts which were then distributed to the children around the local area. 


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