Extinction of Species:Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Declared Extinct

Elmira | 07 - 17 - 2023
extinction of species

The Ivory-billed woodpecker is declared extinct among 23 species in the United States. The Ivory-billed woodpecker, also known as the ‘Lord God Bird’ was the United States’ largest woodpecker. The US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) declared it extinct recently. The bird is native to the Southern United States and Cuba. In this extinct list, 11 birds, two fish, eight types of mussel, one bat, and one plant were added.

Extinction of Species 2021

The Ivory-billed woodpecker is a black and white bird, found in the American Southeast and Cuba. The bird was indisputably found in the US in Louisiana in 1944. The bird has been assumed to be extinct. The US Fish and Wildlife Service announced the removal of 22 animals including ivorybill and one plant from the Endangered Species Act’s list. It is a sad reminder that these extinct species are the outcomes of human-caused environmental change.

How Many Species Go Extinct Every Day?
  • A. 300-400 species
  • B. 150-200 species
  • C. 650-900 species
  • D. 500-600 species

The bird was once the United States’ largest woodpecker species. The ivory-billed woodpecker is recognized as one of the largest woodpeckers in the world. Its length is roughly 51 centimeters. Ivory-billed Woodpeckers mostly ate big beetles, click beetles,  fruits, insects, and seeds. The species dig nests in dead trees or dead parts of living trees, particularly broken branches. The bird was officially listed as endangered in 1967. Another species that was declared extinct is Bachman’s warbler. This species has been added to the list of endangered since 1967. Eight Hawaiian species and the Pacific islands of Guam’s Little Mariana fruit bat were declared extinct.

How Many Species Go Extinct on an Average Day?

According to the Convention on Biological Diversity, it is estimated that around 150 species are lost every day, making it 10 percent a decade.

Extinct Animals 2021

We have put together the most recent extinct species list 2021 in the United States.

  1. Bachman’s warbler
  2. Bridled white-eye (bird)
  3. Flat pigtoe mussel
  4. Green-blossom pearly mussel
  5. Ivory-billed woodpecker
  6. Kauai akialoa (bird)
  7. Kauai nukupuu (bird)
  8. Kauaʻi ʻōʻō (bird)
  9. Large Kauai thrush (bird)
  10. Large Kauai thrush (bird)
  11. Maui ākepa (bird)
  12. Maui nukupuʻu (bird)
  13. Molokai creeper (bird)
  14. Phyllostegia glabra var. lanaiensis (plant)
  15. Po`ouli (bird)
  16. San Marcos gambusia (fish)
  17. Scioto madtom (fish)
  18. Southern acornshell mussel
  19. Stirrupshell mussel
  20. Tubercled-blossom pearly mussel
  21. Turgid-blossom pearly mussel
  22. Upland combshell mussel
  23. Yellow-blossom pearly mussel

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