Flags of 15 Different Countries that one should know

Emma | 05 - 23 - 2022
countries flag

Flags are a unique identity like a logo of a country. A flag is not something that expresses innovative designs and colors. It represents an ideology the country holds. It is not an object to be honored for itself but is honored for what it represents. The colors and designs of the flag symbolize the values, beliefs, and history of the people living in the country. The top country flags might indicate diverse cultures and traditions the country cherishes, and their flags indicate unity in diversity. Flags show us that we belong to a particular community that shares common beliefs and goals. In addition, flags can bring out patriotism which is essential for the people to be loyal to the nation. 


Which country’s flag is this?
  • A. Canada
  • B. United Kingdom
  • C. Peru
  • D. Chile
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