Evolution of PlayStation Hardware

Emma | 12 - 19 - 2021
Evolution of PlayStation

Evolution of PlayStation

PlayStation plays a major role in most children’s and adolescents’ lives. Irrespective of age and gender, PlayStation is loved by millions across the globe. The evolution of PlayStation plays a major role in history. The first PlayStation was launched by Sony Computer Entertainment and it was the first very gaming console that reached 100 million units sold. Recently, Sony revealed their PlayStation Plus subscribers are 46.3 million. It’s been more than 25 years, but PlayStation is still ruling the gadgets market. Though there are many gadgets in today’s innovative world, the love for PlayStation never ends. PlayStation was a dream for many children, even adults. 

1. PlayStation (1994) 

The first PlayStation was released in Japan in December 1994. In 2005, it became the first console to ship more than 100 million units. The first PlayStation was said to be a part of the fifth generation, and it competed against the Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64 (home video consoles) in the mid-’90s. 

2. PS one (2000)

 PS One was the smallest and upgraded version of the original PlayStation. Sony launched it on July 7, 2000. It was less expensive than the original PlayStation, and it sold 28 million units. 

When was the first PlayStation Released?
  • A. 1 December 1991
  • B. 2 December 1992
  • C. 3 December 1994
  • D. 4 December 1995

3. PlayStation 2 (2000)

 PlayStation 2 was first released on March 4, 2000, for $299. It was the first console to have a built-in DVD player and USB ports. Even now, the PS2 is one of the best-selling consoles of all time. 

4. PlayStation 2 Slim (2004)  

 Sony released the PlayStation 2 slimline in late October 2004. It was smaller, thinner, and quieter than the original versions. It doesn’t support the internal hard disk drive because of its thin profile. 

5. PlayStation 3 (2006)

 The PlayStation 3 (PS3) was first released on November 11, 2006, in Japan. It had Wi-Fi and a 20GB interior hard drive. It sold more than 80 million units worldwide. 

6. PlayStation 3 Slim (2009)

  The PlayStation 3 Slim was introduced in September 2009, and it was slimmer, smaller, lighter, more energy-efficient, and consumed less power. 

7. PlayStation 3 Super Slim (2012) 

  Sony released its PlayStation 3 Super Slim in September 2012. The company removed the front-loading disc tray and it was three pounds less than the previous model. 

8. PlayStation 4 (2013)

  PlayStation 4 was released by Sony in North America on November 15, 2013. Within a single day, it sold one million copies, and it’s one of the most important consoles in the history of video games. 

9. PlayStation 4 Slim (2016)

  Sony unveiled its PlayStation 4 Slim on September 7, 2021. It is more power-efficient, runs cooler, and is quieter than the original version. 

10. PlayStation 4 Pro (2016)

  Sony released its PlayStation 4 Pro on November 10, 2016. It is more powerful than the earlier versions and upholds 4k gaming abilities. 

11. PlayStation 5 (2020) 

   PlayStation 5 was released by Sony at the end of 2020. There are two versions of the console, one with a Blu-ray optical disc drive and the other doesn’t have a disc drive. In the version with no disc drive, the games have to be downloaded from the Play Store. 

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