Get to Know the Famous Weird Laws in Alaska

Eliza | 09 - 14 - 2021
weird laws in Alaska

Alaska is not only famous for its wildlife, natural beauty, and glaciers but also for its weird laws. The incredible state is nicknamed the “Land of The Midnight Sun.” Its culture, landscape, and wildlife have been personified in many movies, books, and even poetry. However, this state has many animal-specific laws because as said earlier this place has tons of wildlife. If you think all these below-mentioned Alaska state laws are fun and try to exceed, you’ll end up paying a fine or you’ll be behind bars. Enjoy reading the stupid laws in Alaska and also don’t miss playing our Alaska weird laws quiz. 

1. It Is Illegal to Push a Moose from an Aeroplane

This is one of the famous and most-searched weird laws in Alaska. It is offensive to push a live moose out of a moving aeroplane.  

2. Don’t Wake up a Bear for a Photograph

You might have heard shooting a bear is illegal but in Alaska waking a sleeping bear for the purpose of taking a photograph is against law. 

Is It Legal to Hunt a Moose in Alaska?
  • A. Yes
  • B. No

3. Going Moose Hunting Shhhh… Don’t Whisper!

It is illegal to whisper in someone’s ear while they are hunting a moose. This is one of dumb Alaska state laws was enforced so that hunters will never lose their concentration while hunting. 

4. Planning to Hunt Moose? Then Don’t Fly!

According to Alaska laws and regulations, one should not fly in a plane on the night before or on the same day of the hunt. In short, it is illegal to view a moose from an aeroplane.  

5. Moose or Man Discipline Matters

This is one of the crazy laws in Alaska. No moose is allowed to have intercourse on city streets. After all, discipline and consistency is the key to faster running and healthier living, right? 

6. Silence, Please!

If you’re in Fairbanks, Alaska, you’re not allowed to blow a horn or speak so loud as it disrupts the peace and offends a sensitive person. If you’re a person who loves peace then this crazy law in Alaska ain’t a crazy law for you. 

7. We Understand Your Love for Moose but Don’t Give Booze.

Feeding alcohol to moose is considered a reprimandable crime in Alaska state law. Feeding anything to the wildlife is considered a crime. If you serve moose booze you’ll land in jail. 

8. It Is Illegal to Drink in a Bar.

This is definitely one of the dumb laws in Alaska. It is illegal to be intoxicated in any bars in Alaska. Servers are trained to recognize the people who drink too much and stop serving them. Under Alaska state law, bartenders and servers can also be arrested for over-serving. 

9. Barbershop Rule

The owners of the flamingo may not allow their pet flamingo to enter the barbershop. The reason behind this stupid law is unknown but it is said that this law was created because flamingos can be very distracting to the barber. 

10. You Are Not Allowed to Perform Attractive Nuisance

In Soldotna, no person shall allow, maintain or permit a public nuisance on property owned by the person or under his or her control. If anyone violates this Alaska state law a penalty of five hundred dollars ($500) will be imposed per violation. 

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