Guinness World Record for the longest Hiccups

Ashley | 10 - 10 - 2023
Guinness World Record for Hiccups

The longest Guinness world record hiccups are not the weirdest record in the book but it is definitely something that makes us concerned about how a human can hiccup for so many years continuously. Let’s find out everything about the record holder now. 

Charles Osborne the Hiccups Guinness World Recorder

How Long Did Charles Osborne Have the Hiccups?

Charles Osborne had been hiccuping for 68 years straight and holds the record for longest hiccup attack. He first began hiccuping in 1922. He tried every home remedy on earth from standing upside down and drinking water, holding his breath, smelling a newspaper, and so on. Failing, he visited several doctors and several others voluntarily to find out more about this unusual case.   

What Was He Doing When His Hiccups Began?

Hiccups can occur as a result of your diaphragm spasming. Your diaphragm can spasm due to several reasons. So how did Charles Osborne get the hiccups?

Who Hiccuped for 68 Years?
  • A. Jennifer Mee
  • B. Christopher Sands
  • C. Bob Taylor
  • D. Charles Osborne

Osborn began hiccuping soon after he lifted a heavy hog to determine its weight before slaughtering the animal. The hog was around 350 pounds and Osborne fell down due to its weight. Dr. Terence Anthoney, a physician who first tested him told that a blood vessel the size of a pin had blasted in his brain and thus he has lost control over his hiccups.  

How Did Charles Osborne Stop Hiccuping?

Osborne stopped hiccuping after a total of 68 years in 1990. Osborne hiccuped 40 times in a minute during the initial years and the doctors at the Mayo clinic helped him maneuver his breathing to reduce the noise. His hiccups were reduced to 20 times per minute after a decade and stopped completely. 

Fun Facts About Hiccups

  • Hiccups are not so distressing for babies as they are for adults. 
  • Hiccups are not essentially bad if they stop after a few hours or if it doesn’t affect your sleep.
  • Osborne was married twice and fathered eight children even when he hiccuped.
  • Osborne could have hiccuped around 430 times in his lifetime.
  • At one point Charles had to blend his food because he was unable to swallow solid food in between hiccups but he never had them when he slept.

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