Hidden Reason Behind Starbucks in Fight Club

Eliza | 06 - 02 - 2021
Starbucks in Fight Club

Fight Club was released in 1999, and the film is based on a novel of the same name. The movie was directed by David Fincher and starred Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. The film was a box office hit; it initially received mixed responses, but now after decades, it’s considered as one of the most significant cult classic movies of the 1990s. The director creatively portrays the profound use of consumerism through metaphor. This is the hidden reason behind Starbucks in FightClub.

Flincher selected “Starbucks” because it is a highly renowned company that has a good brand image. The visual placement of Starbucks cups somewhere in the background of every scene is to represents how these huge companies make an influence on our lives. 

Starbucks in Fight Club 

In several interviews, Director David Fincher has mentioned the hidden reason behind Starbucks in Fight Club movie. In an interview with a famous magazine, Fincher recollects his memory and explains why Starbucks in Fight club- when he first moved to Los Angeles in 1984, there were no good coffee shops in the city. A few years later Starbucks opened their first outlet and reached huge success; within a short period, there were two or three on every block of the city. So he decided to include Starbucks in his movie. When the team approached Starbucks, they read the script but did not allow them to use their name on the coffee shop that gets destroyed in a scene. However, they were kind enough to give the rest of their stuff. 

Fight Club Was Released in the Year
  • A. 1996
  • B. 1997
  • C. 1998
  • D. 1999

Flincher said that it wasn’t a random idea but the theme and a line in the movie require mise-en-scène of Starbucks coffee. He also added that he didn’t have anything personal against Starbucks. 

what appears in every scene of fight club?

The director David Fincher claimed that there is at least one Starbucks cup visible in every scene of Fight Club. There is no cup in every frame or scene in the movie, but the Starbucks coffee mug is hidden somewhere throughout the movie.  

Did Starbucks Pay for Fight Club?

No, Starbucks didn’t pay for Fight Club. Starbucks was okay with placing their coffee cups throughout the film, but they didn’t allow their brand name for the coffee shop destruction scene. So the director Fincher named the shop that crashed as Gratifico Coffee. 

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