How About a Quiz on Movies Based on True Stories

Ashley | 02 - 07 - 2022
Movies Based on True Stories

Movies Based on True Stories :

Are you a movie buff? Can you tell us if these cinematic masterpieces were based on true stories? Find out facts from fiction in these box office hits.

Here is a list of films based on actual events. We bet you will be surprised to know the true stories behind these box office hits. Lear more about Movies Based On True Stories.

Movies Based on True Story:

The Pursuit of Happiness

From being homeless to finding success, isn’t it everybody’s dream? Christopher Gardner, a leading stockbroker and motivational speaker went from rags to riches while taking care of his son. The Pursuit of Happiness is based on a true story. 

Which of the Below Movies on Netflix are Based on True Stories?
  • A. Ip Man
  • B. The Outpost
  • C. Outlaw King
  • D. All of the Above

50 First Dates

You are in for a surprise if you ever thought that 50 First Dates can only happen in a movie. The movie is based on real-life characters Ian and Michelle Philpots. Michelle, 58 met with two accidents in 1985 and 1990. The trauma worsened with age, leading to seizures and memory loss in 1994. Her husband Ian is taking care of Michelle who wakes up every day thinking she is 23 years old. Goldfield’s syndrome in the movie was the only major part that was made up.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 

This was the scariest movie back in the 80s. The events that inspired the movie are far scarier than the fictional character Freddy Kruger. Los Angel’s newspapers were filled with articles about Hmong refugees who refused to sleep after fleeing Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia in the 1970s. Those who eventually slept died due to the trauma caused by the nightmares. The syndrome was named Asian death syndrome. 

The Amityville Horror

Most of us are aware that The Conjuring series were based on true stories, but did you know that the first instalment of the Amityville Horror was based on a true story, too. Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot dead 6 family members in 1974 in the Amityville house. 

The Terminal

Do you tear up every time you watch The Terminal? You will be shocked to know that Mehran Karimi Nasseri, an Iranian refugee, spent 18 years in Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport’s departure lounge. Apparently, he lost his documents, failed to present a passport, and refused to enter UK/France as an Iranian after being expelled. 


The Room was triggered by the true story of Elizabeth Fritzl from Austria. 11-year-old Elizabeth was sexually abused by her father. He locked her in a cellar for 24 years where she gave birth to seven children who knew nothing about the outside world. He was later imprisoned for life. 

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