How Are Slugs and Snails Different?

Emma | 10 - 02 - 2023
snails vs slugs

Comparison of Snail and Slug :

All species created by god have some purpose and also contribute a lot to our life on the Earth, including snails and slugs. Snail and slugs are some of the most troublesome pests in the garden. Both can cause excessive damage to seedlings, leaves, and fruits. But they are also beneficial. Yes, you heard it right. Snails and snugs help in recycling, and they are also important prey to wildlife. Many get confused between snails and slugs. If you’re confused about how slugs and snails are different, here is the answer for comparison for snail and slug .

Difference of Snails and Slugs:

It’s quite difficult to identify snugs and snails because they have similar features. Snail and slug both belong to the mollusk phylum and gastropod class. 

  • One of the easiest ways to find the difference between snail and slug is to look at its shell. A snail has a big shell on the back of its body. Slugs have no shell, but some species have internal shells. 
  • To protect from predators, slugs trash their trails. The shells in the snails not only help to protect them from predators but also from weather.  
  • The colors of a slug body can be in shades of gray, black, orange, or yellow. Most slugs are gray or light brown. Snails come in brown, olive green, and shades of gray.The shell color of snails ranges from pale yellow to dark brown and its shell may be spiked or speckled. 
  • Slug lives in dark and damp places because it needs moisture to stay alive. Snails can survive in dry conditions, but they also need both moisture and humidity to survive. 
  • The common lifespan of snugs is 1-6 years whereas snails live 1-10 years in the wild and 10-15 years in captivity. 
  • But which is faster, snail or slug? The speed of a slug or snail depends on the species. However, on average snails are faster than slugs. There are around 60,000 species of snails but the exact population of slugs is unknown. 

Which Has a Shell on Its Back?
  • A. Snail
  • B. Slug
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