How Big Is a Badminton Court?

Elmira | 12 - 07 - 2020

Can you imagine how big a badminton court is? It is 13.4M long and 6.1M wide.

There are several reasons why badminton is extremely popular and has become the second most favorite sport in the world. Badminton is played at the international level and world level. It is a lot more intense than any other sport. It is a popular game and widely played in Denmark, Britain, China, Sweden, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, and many other countries. Several Asian players inspire others to play the game with their performances. This sport requires immense strength and agility.

Every badminton player needs to gain knowledge about the standard dimensions. It can be an outdoor or indoor activity. There are two common forms of badminton one is “singles” (with one player per side) and another one is “doubles” (with two players per side). Formal games are played on a rectangular indoor court. We are going to discuss the dimension of a badminton court.

1. What Is Another Term of Short Service Line?
  • A. Non-Volley Zone
  • B. Net Line
  • C. Centerline
  • D. All the above

Badminton Court Measurement

Let’s have a look at the badminton court measurement that is set by the Badminton World Federation.

The badminton court is rectangular and divided into halves by the net. Badminton court is designed for both singles and double matches separately. You might be amazed by knowing that the doubles court is wider than the singles court, but the length should be the same. It often creates confusion among newer players that the double court has smaller serve-length dimensions.

Overall Badminton Court Dimensions in Feet

The entire dimension of a badminton court size is 20 feet by 40 feet. It involves the sidelines for doubles play and long service for singles.

The Net Line

The net line is marked in the middle of the court where the net is located. It covers 22 feet by feet area on each side of the net.

Short Service Line

The short service line measures 6 feet 6 inches (some courts marked 7 feet) from the centerline. The inside region of the short service line is also known as the Non-Volley Zone.

The Badminton Net

It is five feet tall in the center.

The centerline of the Court

The centerline of the court measured from the short service line to the back boundary line. This covers the left to right service court.

Badminton Court Dimensions for Singles Play

The below measurements are followed for singles matches.

The total length is 13.4 m (44 ft).

The total width is 5.18 m (17 ft).

The length of the court is divided into two equal parts i.e. 6.7 m (22 ft) each side.

The front service line distance to the net is marked 1.98 m (6 ft 6 inch).

Badminton Court Measurement for Doubles Play

During doubles matches, the following measures are followed-

The total length is 13.4 m (44 ft).

The total width is 6.1 m (20 ft).

The length of the badminton court is divided into two equal sections i.e. 6.7 m (22 ft) each side.

The rear service line distance to the back is marked 0.76 m (2 ft 6 inch).

The front service line distance to the net is marked 1.98 m (6 ft 6 inch).


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