How Do Giraffes Protect Themselves?

Elmira | 12 - 04 - 2023
How Do Giraffes Protect Themselves

Are you curious to know how do giraffes protect themselves? They protect themselves by kicking either with the fore or hind feet which are strong enough to kill a lion. Their sharp tusks or pointed antlers can protect them when the predator attacks.

They are the tallest animals on the planet, found in Africa in dry zones south of the Sahara Desert. Their heights can frighten predators. Giraffes are blessed with many non-violent characteristics that help them to survive. 

Giraffes may look very silent but they have powerful weapons like leg, neck, and horns to face any carnivores like a lion. These weapons can save them from death. A single kick from a giraffe on the head or sensitive part can kill any predator. So predators mostly hunt the young and weak giraffes first. Additionally, they target pregnant female giraffe as she can’t move swiftly.

1. What Do Giraffes Eat?
  • A. Leaves
  • B. Meat
  • C. Pizza
  • D. All the above

Survival Traits

  • Not only do giraffes have a powerful kick, they are fast and their speeds can reach up to 35 mph.
  • Giraffes are the fastest runners and move so swiftly that it is difficult to hunt them.
  • Giraffes become more vulnerable while drinking water because they have a long neck to bend while drinking. What they do is they gather in herds so that others can watch for predators.
  • Giraffes can eat hard plant food such as leaves. If they eat leaves like acacia they can survive without water for a longer time.
  • They also fight with their neck because the neck is the most maneuverable weapon for them.

Why Height and Vision Play a Major Role in Survival?

Giraffe’s height and vision play a vital role in their survival. Besides the fact that giraffe is too big to tackle. They have a long-range vision which helps to observe predators accurately.

Other Features

  • Female giraffes travel from one place to another along with young giraffes. Also, various species offer a form of protection to them. Those species sit on giraffes and pick parasites.
  • Giraffes live in woodlands and open plains.
  • Giraffe’s spots are similar to human fingerprints.

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