How Good Is Your Spelling? Guess These Medical Terms Correctly

Elmira | 11 - 30 - 2020
Guess These Medical Terms

Is medical terms and spelling difficult to master? The purpose of making a medical terminology quiz is to understand basic medical terms that can be helpful whenever you visit a hospital, drug store, or pharmacy. Learning basic medical terminology help you understand the physician’s notes. You may encounter some unique medical words, expressions, and terms that are not precise that can misguide you. To avoid misinterpretation, you must take our medical terminology trivia quizzes to improvise your medical terminology.


With our basic medical terminology test, you can avoid mistakes and can learn the meanings of some useful medical terms because they are beneficial when you communicate with a clinician and researcher and help use these terms properly.

What Is the Correct Spelling?
  • A. Hygene
  • B. Hygiene
  • C. Hygeine
  • D. Hygeinne


Are you ready to play our fun and exciting medical terminology quiz with answers? Let’s see how many misspelled words you can spot! You can also share these medical terminology online quizzes with your friends and family.

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