20 Weird laws in Ohio

Emma | 04 - 19 - 2024

Weird laws in Ohio

From lost tiger protocols to roller disco regulations, Ohio is home to some truly bizarre laws that will leave you scratching your head. Let’s take a journey through these weird laws in Ohio.

1. Fishy Business


In Ohio, it’s illegal to get a fish drunk. So next time you’re out fishing, be sure to keep those fish sober!

What is the penalty for getting a fish drunk in Ohio?
  • A. Fine
  • B. Jail time
  • C. Community service
  • D. There is no penalty, but it's illegal

2. Fly Swat Etiquette


If you’re in Akron, make sure to swat your flies responsibly. According to local law, it’s illegal to kill a fly by swatting it while it’s on someone else’s property.

3. Lost Tiger Protocol


Should you ever find yourself in possession of a lost tiger in Ohio, you’re legally required to notify authorities within one hour. Because, you know, finding a lost tiger is just a typical Tuesday in Ohio.

4. Dueling Decorum


If you feel the sudden urge to challenge someone to a duel in Ohio, think again. Dueling is illegal, but you can settle your disputes the old-fashioned way: with a strongly worded letter.

5. Akron’s Colorful Conundrum


In Akron, it’s against the law to dye a duckling blue and offer it for sale unless more than six are for sale at once. So if you’re planning on selling blue ducklings, make sure you have a whole flock ready to go.

6. Bay Village Bovine Ban


Bay Village has a strict no-cow policy. That’s right, no cows are allowed within city limits. It’s unclear why this law exists, but it’s utterly bizarre.

7. Cleveland’s Catch Conundrum


In Cleveland, it is against the law to catch mice without obtaining a hunting license. Because mice are a big game in the Buckeye State.

8. Columbus’s Cereal Conundrum


Columbus takes its cereal seriously. It’s illegal to sell cornflakes on Sundays. Sorry, Cereal lovers, you’ll have to wait until Monday to get your fix.

9. Lima’s Map Mania


In Lima, it’s illegal to display a map of the city in a way that is not oriented north. So if you’re planning a road trip, make sure your map is properly aligned.

10. MacDonald’s Ducky Debacle


In MacDonald, Ohio, you can’t use a duck as collateral for a loan. Looks like you’ll have to find another way to secure that loan.

11. North Canton’s Roller Disco Regulations


North Canton has specific regulations for roller disco establishments. Among them is a law that requires all participants to register with the police before entering the roller rink.

12. Lowell’s Leisurely Horseback Riding


In Lowell, it’s illegal to ride a horse while intoxicated. So if you’re planning a night out on the town, leave your horse at home.

13. Fairview Park’s Honking Hassle


In Fairview Park, it’s illegal to honk your horn for longer than three seconds. Looks like road rage is off the table in this town.

14. Canton’s Electric Fence Edict


Canton has some strict rules when it comes to electric fences. Among them is a law that requires homeowners to obtain a permit before installing one.

15. Oxford’s Town Square Shenanigans


In Oxford, it’s illegal to drive around the town square more than 100 times in a single session.

16. Youngstown’s Gas Gauge Gamble


In Youngstown, it’s illegal to run out of gas while driving. Ensure to monitor the gas pump’s arrow on the car’s gas gauge closely.

17. Paulding’s Canine Calming


In Paulding, it’s illegal to walk a dog without dressing it in diapers. Because dogs in Paulding have to follow strict fashion rules.

18. A Bygone Era for Women’s Shoes


In Ohio, it’s illegal for women to wear patent leather shoes in public. This law dates back to the 19th century and is still technically on the books today.

19. The Mythical Housemate Limit


In Ohio, it is against the law for more than five women to reside together in a single household.

20. Playing Pinball is Banned on Sundays


In Ohio, playing pinball is banned on Sundays. Looks like Sundays are for rest, not for racking up high scores on the pinball machine.

So. here are the 20 weird laws in Ohio. Just remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse, so be sure to brush up on your Ohio trivia before your next visit.

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