How Many U.S. States Border the Pacific Ocean?

Iris | 10 - 28 - 2023
How Many U.S. States Border the Pacific Ocean

Do you want to know how many U.S. states border the pacific ocean?

5 – Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington. These are the five U.S. states border the pacific ocean.


Alaska is one of the U.S. states border the Pacific Ocean with the longest coastline not only in the West coast but the entire United States. It covers 33,904 miles. It also comprises the largest land area compared to other states and is less populated. The state capital of Alaska was changed from Sitka to Juneau in 1906 due to economic growth.


From the border of Mexico, this vast land stretches for 900 miles of the pacific coastline. The state accommodates beautiful beach towns including crescent city, Eureka, Cambria and Santa Barbara. There are 11 harbors in the state of California. The state with beautiful beaches is also called the Golden Coast.

1. What Formed the Hawaiian Islands?
  • A. Hills
  • B. Mountains
  • C. Deserts 
  • D. Volcanos


It is the only Island state of the United States of America. The 137 group of Islands covers 1500 miles. There are eight main Islands. Hawaii is one of the hottest tourist hubs and is the only state to grow coffee. Hawaii is also famous for commercial pineapple cultivation. Mai Tai is one of the popular cocktails of this tropical Island.


The state covers 362 miles of coastline from the border of California State. It has a diversified marine life system and has more ghost towns than other states. Oregon is world-famous for windsurfing in the Gorge River.  The Crater Lake which was formed by volcanic eruption is the deepest lake in the United States. Oregon is also famous for mushroom hunting during the spring and fall seasons.


Named after the first US President George Washington Olympia is the capital of Washington state.  The state owns more than 500 water reservoirs. Half of the State’s land area is covered with forest. The largest city of Washington, Seattle there is known for the world-f Space Needle. The State tops in apple production covering more than half of the total apple cultivation in the country.


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