Which U.S. State Has the Longest Coastline?

Vannessa | 11 - 24 - 2023
Which U.S. State Has the Longest Coastline

Alaska takes the pride of being the U.S state with the longest freshwater coastline that extends up to a stretch of 54, 563 km. With 50 major states and territories, the United States of America is the 3rd largest country in the world. And among these, several major states have coastlines whereas a few are landlocked. It is interesting to know that the U.S.A has the 8th longest coastline in the world.

Alaska’s Climate & Population

Surrounded by the Arctic Ocean, the Bering Sea, and the Pacific Ocean, Alaska ranks first among the U.S states with the longest coastline closely followed by Florida. The northwestern state is extremely cold that temperatures drop down to -30C during the winter. 

The extreme climate makes the state sparsely populated with a mere 7 lakh plus residents for such a huge land area. The government wanted to increase the population so much so that it formed a Permanent Fund Dividend Division to pay up to $2000 for the permanent residents of the state every year from the income earned through the state’s oil resources. 

1. What Is the Capital of Alaska?
  • A. Anchorage
  • B. Juneau
  • C. Homer
  • D. Sitka

Only a few cities like Juneau (Capital), and Anchorage have a good number of residents. It is also interesting to note that the nights are longer than the days. This is one of the major reasons behind the state’s sparse population. Alaska was initially owned by Russia. The U.S purchased it for its gold rush in the 1890s which later earned the status of an independent state. 

The Northern Lights of Alaska

Snowy mountains, rich wildlife, breathtaking scenic views, and more than 3000 rivers are some of the greatest assets of Alaska. These features make it one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The aurora borealis or the popularly called Northern Lights (a neon illumination in the sky because of the disturbances in the magnetosphere) that can be seen from the Fair Banks of Alaska is another reason why several tourists visit the place every year.

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