How Much Saliva Do We Produce in a Lifetime?

Elmira | 09 - 17 - 2020
How Much Saliva Do We Produce in a Lifetime

An average person produces around 25,000 liters of saliva over a lifetime which is equivalent to two swimming pools. Humans produce on average 1 liter every day.

Humans Produce Enough Saliva to Fill Two Swimming Pools

Everyone knows about saliva, but not many people are aware of its true purpose or even how it is generated. The moisture in our mouths plays a vital role in our overall health and daily routines.

Humans produce a massive amount of saliva because it is a bodily fluid. It can transfer infectious diseases from one person to another except for HIV. In many cultures, both are considered as disrespectful and assault to spit on somebody.

1. Saliva Defends Tooth Decay.
  • A. True
  • B. False

Fascinating Facts about Saliva

Here are some fascinating facts about saliva you may not know.

Did you know? Most of the saliva you secrete is recycled and not freshly produced. It happens because saliva is constantly swallowed or reabsorbed in the mouth. The flow rate of saliva is around 30ml per hour. It can be more when you eat or bite less during sleep. It is equal to a wine bottle every day or 25,000 liters in our lifetime. To put in other words, it is equal to 53 bathtubs full to the brim with saliva! 

  • Spit keeps you healthy.
  • Saliva is mostly water.
  • Saliva protects our teeth and gums and also helps  lubricate the mouth
  • Saliva contains a protein called histatin that works as an antibacterial agent.
  • It defends from tooth decay.
  • Saliva has several functions. The moisture may help to coat our mouths. It can keep our mouths clean and also helps to wash away all food particles.
  • Saliva is chemically breaking down food before it even enters the stomach. It is difficult to taste delicious food if our mouths weren’t coated with saliva. The enzyme amylase helps to identify sugar found in food. It helps to transfer broken food down the esophagus. Saliva is essential for digestion.

Dogs begin salivating when they hear a bell thinking of getting meat. This can happen with human beings. When people are hungry as the meal is preparing they start to salivate. It occurs when people imagine chemically breaking down their meals.

  • Saliva automatically fills our mouths when we are going to participate in reverse vomiting or peristalsis. The saliva coats can be found inside the mouth to form gastric acid. This prevents stomach acids from burning the sensitive tissues in the mouth.

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