How NFL Rules Differs From XFL?

Iris | 01 - 29 - 2024
How NFL Rules Differs From XFL

It is known that XFL rules have changed once the 8 team pro football league deviated from the NFL. Oliver Luck, XFL commissioner promised transformations on different levels of the game and has brought some serious changes in the game rules. He believes that with the interesting inclusions of new rules the people will look upon XFL as a football brand more than a game.

Catch at the Side-Line

Catch at the sideline gets easier now for the receiver that he needs only one foot in bounds whereas in NFL games two feet must be within the boundary line.

Three-Tiered Extra Point System

The teams can score up to 3 extra points after touchdown. The teams can decide on point conversions. But the conversion is eligible only through scrimmage plays and not kicking attempts. 

1. How many teams are there in the XFL?
  • A. 5
  • B. 10
  • C. 8
  • D. 16

Kick-Off Rules

  • The kickoff yard line is reduced from NFL’s 35-yard line to 25-yard line. Players of the kicking team will line up 35-yard line whereas the blockers will line up to 30-yard line.
  • The invalid kickoffs that fall short of 20-yard line will come back to the kicking team’s 45-yard line.

Touch Backs

  • when the kick is airborne and taken possession by the receiving team at 35.
  • when the airborne kick is taking a bounce leading to the receiving team taking possession of the ball at 15.


  • The new XFL rule doesn’t allow gunners. All the players on the punting team will remain in their place until the ball is kicked.
  • The 35-yard punt will be treated as a touchback.


Two-point conversions will decide overtime similar to games like soccer or ice hockey. This is very new to professional football and will definitely make XFL very interesting as a five-round shootout has never been tried in football history.

Though there are criticisms about new XFL rules fans hope that these new elements and other nuances will make the game more exciting to watch. A 9-point touchdown is the highlight of the new XFL game which officially starts from 8 of February 2020, the weekend after the Super Bowl.

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