The World’s Weirdest Football Pitches

Iris | 10 - 07 - 2023
The World's Weirdest Football Pitches

For a soccer fan, the stadium is equally important as the match. The pitch decides the overall experience of the match despite the team’s efficiency and popularity. We are familiar with the basic soccer pitches such as grass, rectangle, bench, and so on, but this blog has a list of the weirdest football pitches and unique features.

Unique Football Pitches That Are Beautiful

Unique Football Pitches That Are Beautiful

Let’s test if you are aware of these weirdest football pitches in the world. You might have visited a few but at the end of this blog, you will surely add them to your must-visit place. Here’s the list of the top strange football pitches that are both iconic and fully functional.

Estadio Hernando Siles – La Paz, Bolivia 

Estadio Hernando Siles

Which soccer field pitch is the home of The Bolivian national team?
  • A. Stadion Vozdovac
  • B. Estadio Hernando Siles
  • C. Svangaskarð
  • D. The Allalin Glacier

This soccer field pitch is the home to The Bolivian National Team. It is the largest football pitch in the world which is 3000 meters above sea level. It has a seating capacity of more than 40,000 fans. The stadium is named after Hernando Siles, former Charismatic leader of Bolivia. 

The Float – Marina Bay, Singapore 

The Float

Singapore’s most famous football pitch with challenging conditions was in the middle of Marina Bay opened in 2007. This football stadium is near to the water and looks spectacular. The first question comes into our mind, who catches the ball once it ends inside the water? Judging by the well-built structure, they figured out a way to avoid it. 

Nuevo Estadio Silvestre Carrillo – Canary Islands, Spain

One of the biggest football pitchs in the world surrounded by breathtaking forests. This standard soccer pitch is carved into the hillside at the top of a steep valley. You can find out the majority of seats at either end of the stadium. 

The Allalin Glacier – Pennine Alps, Switzerland  

The Allalin Glacier is the weirdest football pitches in the world located at one of the Alps hills’ leveled ground. If you love watching the football in cold, then this is a soccer pitch for you. This stage provides you with a different game experience. The floor may be a little bit cold, slippery, and painful, but it can be exciting too. 

Ottmar Hitzfeld Gspon Arena – Gspon, Switzerland 

Ottmar Hitzfeld Gspon Arena

This is the highest spot to play football in Europe but getting there is like a mission. You can enjoy the beautiful Swiss mountains once you make your way to the stadium by car, foot, or cable car. It is the home of FC Gspon football club.  

In addition to these, Stadion Vozdovac, Estadio Municipal De Braga, Igraliste Batarija, Estadio BBVA Bancomer, and Svangaskarð are other weirdest football pitches. If you are a football fan, plan to visit these places to watch your next football tournament. 

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