How Smart Are Crows Compared to Other Animals?

Julia | 01 - 05 - 2021
How Smart Are Crows Compared to Other Animals

A new study shows that crows can find their own problems and they can actually solve them.  What do you know about crows’ intelligence? Have you ever thought that how smart are crows that it can correctly remember everything? Read on to discover about crow brain size and its special powers that can actually influence humans.


Crows possess the ability to solve challenges (For example.., how crows drop stones into the water pot in order to drink water). This kind of activity is associated with the cerebral cortex, a specific region of the brain in crows that all animals don’t possess. According to some scientists, the intelligence of crows depends on their consciousness. It can arise from different configurations of the brain that can potentially change the understanding of animals.

Are Crows smarter than cats?
  • A. Yes
  • B. No


Previously, this level of intelligence and self-awareness were believed to be found and possessed only by humans and some other mammals. Consciousness is a little difficult in animals and mammals but crows are masters in it. They know what is happening in their environment and it enhances problem-solving and decision making skills.


Some of the German scientists did an experiment on crows by assigning them a series of puzzling tasks. During those tasks, the scientists measured the neural activity of different kinds of neurons in crows in order to track their thinking and reasoning ability through their assigned work. They also sought to study sensory consciousness, a specific kind of study on thinking.


But neurons are the complex part of the crow’s brain known as pallium. The neurons play an important role in crow’s brain. The study shows that knowing what you know is also a form of consciousness. In that case, mammals and birds also have their own way of recognizing how we treat them.


The crows were shown a screen in which if they saw the light on the screen they were trained to nod their heads to say yes. Most of the lights were easy to see and the crows also nodded their heads. From the research, it shows that Corvids, the family that includes crows and sparrows are incredibly smart as they are capable of analyzing what humans think about them and how we treat them through their neuron activity. So it’s wise to avoid angering them.

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