Interesting Facts about Hockey League (NHL)

Eliza | 12 - 24 - 2021
Interesting Hockey Facts

Hockey is said to be an undisputed sport on the earth. When it comes to speed, no sports can match hockey. From high levels of coordination to fine motor skills, this sport requires many skills. Isn’t it important to know about this popular sport? So here we have clubbed the hockey history facts and the most interesting facts about the national hockey league (NHL). 

Facts You Didn’t Know About Hockey League

  • The Stanley cup was 7.28 inches in height and 11.42 inches in diameter when introduced. The present Stanley cup is 35.2 inches in height. 
  • The National Hockey League (NHL) was founded on November 22, 1917, at the Windsor Hotel in Montreal. 
  • This is one of the interesting hockey facts. In the initial days of hockey frozen patties of cow poop were used as a puck. Now hockey pucks are frozen before a game to prevent them from bouncing during play.  
  • There are many fun facts about hockey players. But do you know why Geoffrion was named Boom Boom? Bernie Geoffrion is nicknamed “Boom Boom” for his thundering heavy hard slapshot. He was also known for bringing the slapshot into the league. 
  • Jacques Plante was the first goalie to wear a mask in the NHL. He wore it for the first time because his nose got broken in a game. He became the first goalie to regularly wear a protective mask. 
  • The Hockey Hall of Fame is located in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. The US also has the Hockey Hall of Fame for US-born players and coaches. 
  • The NHL was founded in 1917 by some of the owners of the National Hockey Association. They created a new league because they had problems with owner Edward Livingstone. 
  • Wayne Gretzky holds the record for most NHL records. He held or shared 61 NHL records, including 40 regular season and 15 playoff and 16 All-Star records, the most by any player. 
  • Buffalo Sabres is the only team to kill a live animal during an NHL game. They killed a bat during the 1974 game. 
  • The goalie cannot touch or carry the puck on the opposite side of the centerline. This is one of the hockey facts you need to know. 
  • In 1924, Montreal Canadian players drove to their victory party with their trophy in a trunk car. When the car tire got flat, the players removed the cup to get the spare tire. They forgot the cup after they changed the tire and left it behind in a snowbank. Later, they realized and went back to get the trophy, and luckily it was there. This is indeed one of the NHL fun facts. 


Which Hockey Player Is Named Boom Boom?
  • A. Bernie Geoffrion
  • B. Bobby Orr Gordie
  • C. Howe Mario
  • D. Lemieux
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