Interesting Facts to Know about Sports Equipment

Eliza | 03 - 19 - 2020
Interesting Facts to Know about Sports Equipment

Are you a sports person? Then you might probably know all the fun facts about sports. But you should also have knowledge of the equipment.   

Let’s find some fun facts about sporting equipment here. 

Lzr Racer Swimsuit Banned

Speedo and NASA teamed up and created LZR Racer swimwear back in February 2008. It’s a full-body suit for better oxygen flow to the muscles and to help hold the body in a more hydrodynamic position.  

1. Which of These Sports Do You Use Shin Guards For?
  • A. American Football
  • B. Tennis
  • C. Soccer
  • D. Basketball

98% of the medal winners were wearing this swimsuit and 23 world records were broken by the athletes, controversy broke out so the federation banned Speedo’s LZR Racer suit from the Olympics.

Drastic Change over Golf Balls

In the 19th century, Golf balls were also called ‘featherie’ or ‘feathery’ balls. It was essentially a leather pouch filled with chicken or goose feathers and then painted white. The filling was very difficult to make and was expensive, the leather pouch had to be hand-sewn and it would split open sometimes.

Many years it remained the same but then the synthetic material paved a new way.   

Ever Wonder Why Tennis Balls Are Yellow?

The first yellow tennis ball was used in the year 1896 in Wimbledon. If you are wondering why the tennis balls are yellow, there is a simple explanation. Vibrant colors make the ball easier to see.

Aluminum Baseball Bats Are Forbidden 

Baseball bats are traditionally made from ash wood, maple and sometimes bamboo. Because aluminum baseball bats are not allowed professional matches.


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