Is the Earth Perfectly Round in Shape?

Iris | 05 - 18 - 2021

Despite the fact that humans have learned for thousands of years that the Earth is spherical, the questions in everyone’s mind, “Why is the Earth not a perfect sphere?” and “What is the exact shape of the Earth?” persists. 

We can see the Earth’s curvature through the satellites that we have launched into space. In addition to that, thanks to the highly equipped telescopes, we were able to explore the planets in our solar system, and most of the planets are spherical in shape.

How Spherical Is the Earth?

There appears to be a deep fundamental reason behind why the Earth is not perfectly round in shape. The gravity is proportional to the distance between two interacting objects, and the only three-dimensional object you can create with a single distance is a sphere. With a variety of extremely sensitive instruments, we can calculate the action of gravity in the laboratory.

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These experiments demonstrate that the force of gravity is solely determined by the density of the two forces and their separation. If you had to flatten an object using just gravity, you’d have to rely on two perpendicular distances in two perpendicular directions. 

The majority of people in history never traveled more than a few miles from their birthplace, so their horizon was still the same. Furthermore, most people were more concerned with fulfilling their basic needs than with the shape of the Earth.

People believe that the Earth must be flat because it appears flat to us from our viewing point. The circumference of the Earth is less than one-millionth of an adult’s height. You’d have to be positioned above the horizon a sizable fraction of the radius to see the curvature of the Earth in a single field of vision, and one millionth wouldn’t be regarded as “sizable.”

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