Latest Hurricane Update in New Jersey and New York

Julia | 09 - 18 - 2021
latest hurricane update

When it comes to flooding, people from lower to higher levels get affected. No matter whether you stay in a double-story house or in an underground apartment all people get affected by the flood. This case also includes people from both inland and coastal regions. This is what happened in the Nyc flooding. Discover everything you want to know about the flooding in New Jersey.

Latest Update in New Jersey & New York

Three days after the landfall in Louisiana, the residue of hurricane ida shredded into the northeast of the United States and caused flooding in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia,  Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. This horrible hurricane killed nearly 60 people in these six states.

The East Coast also faced a rising death toll caused by surging rivers, tornado damage, and continuous calls for rescue. Hurricane Ida walloped the east coast of the United States with record-breaking rainfall, filling the apartments with water, power outage, grounded airline flights, damaged roofs, and the roads that turned into car-swallowing canals. 

What Was the Worst Tornado in New Jersey?
  • A. 1835: New Brunswick
  • B. 1973: Morris County
  • C. 1990: Montgomery Township
  • D. All the Above

According to National Weather Service, it has been claimed that Hurricane Eda, which ripped through Mullica Hill, New Jersey, on Wednesday evening, had an EF-3 rating, with winds that blow up to 150 miles per hour(240kmph). 

Tropical storm Ida, also known as Hurricane Ida, stretched for 20 minutes for 12.6 miles (20 kilometers) and 36 meters wide. Before moving towards the Northeast of Mullica Hill, it caused more tree damage, tore off roofs, demolished walls, and tossed cars.

The report has taken the lives of 16 people in New York and 23 deaths in New Jersey, four in Pennsylvania, and one in Connecticut.

State of Emergency: NJ and NY

For the first time, the National Weather Service issued a flash food emergency in New York. The New York Mayor Bill de Blasio also described the flooding and weather on Wednesday night as a “Historic Weather Event.”

According to the tweet from Government Phil Murphy, The storm has caused 81,740 power outages throughout the state. He also asked people to take respective safety measures in case of power outages. After the declaration of the State of emergency, he insisted that the state be provided with an emergency support system to the communities in need. 

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