Lesser-Known Inventions of Famous Inventors

Emma | 11 - 13 - 2020
Lesser-Known Inventions of Famous Inventors

You have heard about Edison’s brilliant light bulb invention, but what about his other inventions? Do you know about the electric pen, voting machine, ghost detector and his fantastic talking doll inventions? 

Here, we have listed some of the inventions of famous inventors not known. Read on to know them all. 

6 Lesser-Known Inventions from Great Inventors in History   

Voting Machine, Electric Pen, Ghost Detector and a Talking Doll by Thomas Alva Edison

What Inventor Invented the Most Things?
  • A. Thomas Alva Edison
  • B. Robert E. Khan
  • C. Roberto Nevelis
  • D. Leonardo Da Vinci

We all know that Thomas Edison is best known for creating the first commercially viable incandescent light bulbs. But he is also the inventor of the voting machine, electric pen, ghost detector and a talking doll. These were not as successful as the light bulb.

Soybean Car by Henry Ford and George Washington Carver

In 1934, Henry Ford and George Washington Carver shared their experiences about agriculture and automobiles and became pals. They both invented the Soybean car, a plastic-bodied car at Dearborn Days in 1941. It was of soybean and other agricultural products, Henry wished to make his new plastic material a safer and lighter replacement for the metals used in normal cars.

New Socks Invented by John Logie Baird

The inventor of the very first television, John Logie Baird was also the creator of several failed business ventures. One example was a new kind of socks. It is an undersock for cold feet, glass razors and pneumatic shoes. They were designed to be highly absorbent.

Glass Armonica by Benjamin Franklin

You may know Benjamin Franklin as an inventor, statesman or a wordsmith but did you know that he created an amazing Glass armonica? It is one of the most satisfying musical instruments to play and hear.     

Scuba Suit by Leonardo Da Vinci

Famed for his brilliant work of art, imaginative inventions – Leonardo Da Vinci was the greatest inventor of all time. During the 1500s, the Ottoman Empire was beating Venice’s Republic with its powerful fleet. So Da Vinci invented a SCUBA suit to allow soldiers to swim underneath Ottoman ships and destroy them without being seen.

Tetrahedral Kites by Alexander Graham Bell

The spectacular tetrahedral kites created by the great Alexander Graham Bell in 1922, is one of the lesser-known Inventions from great inventors in history. He believed in his tetrahedral kites a lot that he was convinced that they would be the future of human flight.

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