Top Interesting Lewis Hamilton Facts

Emma | 04 - 13 - 2024
lewis hamilton facts

Unknown Facts About Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton MBE HonFREng, popularly known as Lewis Carl Hamilton, is a British race-car driver. Lewis Hamilton is one of the Top most successful Formula One (F1) Grand Prix racing drivers in terms of career wins and points. Many of us might have known him as a successful Formula One racer, but he is more than that. Though he is very popular and got public attention, he likes to keep life private. Despite the fact, we’ve clubbed Lewis Hamilton facts and records.

1. He Is a Religious Person

Lewis Hamilton was raised catholic. He is always seen wearing a cross around his neck and even has a tattoo on his neck that says ‘ God is Love.’ In an interview, he said that his talent is God-given and he’s truly blessed. Lewis Hamilton strongly believes that his faith played a major role in his life and successful career. He used to drive with odd numbers like 11.

2. He Loves Playing the Piano

Apart from racing, he loves playing the piano, and it is one of his favorite hobbies. Over the years, he shared several videos and covers on his social media. Lewis said that he’s not a professional at playing the piano, and it is the only instrument he plays. This is indeed one of the interesting Lewis Hamilton facts.

Who Was the First Formula One Driver?
  • A. Lewis Carl Davidson
  • B. Ayrton Senna
  • C. Sebastian Vettel
  • D. Jim Clark

3. Record Holder

Lewis Hamilton is often labeled ‘the first black driver in Formula One”. He came from a mixed-race background, his father, Anthony Hamilton is black, and his mother, Carmen Larbalestier is White British.

4. He Is a Movie Star

Lewis Hamilton is not only a racing star but also a movie star. He made his debut in Disney Pixar’s Cars 2 in 2012. He also designed the car for the movie and was happy to work alongside Michael Caine and Owen Wilson.

5. Broke Off With Nicole Scherzinger

Though Lewis Hamiton is a successful driver in history, he is popularly known for his relationship with Nicole Scherzinger. After seven years of on-and-off relationship, the pair split up in February 2005. Sources say that the racing champion didn’t pay attention which led to the breakup.

 Records of Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamiton won the Spanish GP every year since 2017. Here are other lewis hamilton f1 records-

Most wins in Formula 1


Most points in Formula 1


The most consecutive race starts


Most entries with a single-engine manufacturer

288 (Mercedes)

Most consecutive points finishes


Total pole positions


Most podium finishes


Total races finished in the points


Most consecutive race finishes



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