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Emma | 02 - 10 - 2021
Michael Andretti

Michael Mario Andretti is a semi-retired auto racing driver. He is one of the most successful drivers in the history of American open-wheel car racing or Indy car racing. His father Mario Andretti was also a successful racer and one of the most successful Americans in the history of the sport. Mario Andretti is also known as the king of racing. Andretti also owns Andretti Autosport which is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Read on to know more about Michael Andretti facts. 

Personal Life

More than a racer he is well known as Mario Andretti’s son. Andretti was married thrice and divorced. Mario Andretti has two sons and a daughter. At 22, he completed his first Indianapolis 500 with his father. In that race, he was the fastest rookie and won Indianapolis 500 rookie of the year. He won his first northwest professional championship at 19. During his early days, he debuted in the indy car series and international motorsports association

Michael Andretti Indy 500

Michael Andretti won the Indy 500 five times as a car owner but not as a racer.  Michael Andretti has never won the Indy 500 but he ranks as the best Indy car driver and many famous racers acknowledged him as one of the most naturally talented and motivated drivers to emerge in the Indy 500 series ever. 

How Much Is Michael Andretti Worth?
  • A. $120 Million
  • B. $130 Million
  • C. $140 Million
  • D. $150 Million

Michael Andretti Facts and Statistics

Andretti owns a stall named ‘Andretti green racing’ in the Indy car series.

Andretti motorsport and BMW I motorsport have formed a successful partnership in formula championship

Andretti missed his 1992 Indianapolis to participate in F1

Michael Andretti Racing Titles

Michael Andretti followed in his father’s footsteps and achieved many awards. 

  • He won 50 out of 75 races over eight years in his racing karts career
  • He won 6 out of 11 races in the Robert Bosch USA formula super vee championship. 
  • In 1991, he won 8 races and achieved the title “1991 cart PPG Indy car world series” 


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